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Quick question. I have been running Eleaf Isticks 20w/30w and 40wTC's (with built in batteries) with my Nautilus Mini for months now and its been great, but I have just splashed out on the beautiful Aspire Odyssey Mini kit. Problem is the kit does not come with a 18650 battery and I am new to removable batteries.

I am a medium user and brand new to sub ohm. Usually vape a 12mg liquid, at around 8 - 10w, all day, everyday. So, I am looking for long life rather than massive power. Can you recommend a suitable battery? Been offered a eFest 3000MAH 35A for £4.99 so I was going to grab that just to get started, but is there a better battery I should invest in? Thanks guys. Claire
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  • JuicedUp said:

    Slightly off topic but how long to those clapton coils last with the Odyssey Mini?

    It varies. You are probably looking at between 1 and 2+ weeks if you only have 1 tank.

    Some coils will last longer than others and how you use them makes a difference. Some juice will gunk up coils and burn them out faster than other juice (sweet juice gunks coils the fastest). It also depends on the wattage you vape at. Higher wattage puts more stress on the coils so they will go bad sooner than lower wattage vaping.
  • @DJClaire you should either go with the Aspire 40a battery, or a Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh Battery. Both will give you long battery life. The 25R is my go-to for regulated mods, and are available at a fairly cheap price. :)
  • @DJClaire I am running my Pegasus mini with an Aspire 20/40amp battery (Triton Mini tank with the 1.8ohm clapton coil at 13.5 watts) and it lasts forever!
  • Slightly off topic but how long to those clapton coils last with the Odyssey Mini?
  • @ksedwar
    Thanks for the info m8.
    Just picked one up :)
  • @JuicedUp No problem. I have several tanks with different juices that all use the Nautilus/Mini/Triton Mini coils. I switch up tanks throughout the day so to me coils last a long time.
  • I am frustrated because this one seems to have the same problem. Is there something special I need to do to get this mod to turn on?
    I have tried:
    1. putting in a new, freshly charged battery
    2. clicking the "fire" button once.
    3. clicking the "fire" button three times, quickly.
    4. clicking the "fire" button five times quickly.
    5. Checking to make sure the tank and coil are screwed on tightly enough.
    6. and yes, I did check it for authenticity. It's the real deal.

    Any suggestions?
  • Is the battery in the proper orientation? (+/-)
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