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Hello! So I love the products you guys produce (I ditched Kranger for yall.) but im starting to run into trouble. I own 3 Aspier CF Sub Omegas.. The first one i got I was using it and the battery slowly started to degrade, the charge was lasting less and less I thought it was a fluke and bought 2 more so i could alternate batteries. My two new ones witch ive had for about 2 months (same as the first) are now holding a charge for less and less time. On top of this all 3 are now heating up to the point if i touch the metal base on my tank it burns. I clean the connections regularly and have tried a new atomizer in the tank im not sure what to do to fix this. Any suggestions?
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  • First off, what ohm coils? The Aspire CF Sub ohm battery is made to fire coils from 0.5ohm on up so if your coils are say 0.2 or 0.3 ohm that could be the reason for the tank heating up and the excessive battery drain....also if you are chain vaping that will also drain the battery faster as well as heat up the tank to the point where you say it is too hot to touch.
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    You better only use the 0.5 Ohm coils in that CF Sub Ohm mod.
    The 0.3 coils from Aspire need 70 to 80 Watt to function correctly, what that battery cannot give.
    I just hope you didn't damage your batteries doing so.
    (Speaking from experience with that mod).
  • All very good questions that are necessary to answer your question. Can I assume you have the kit with the Atlantis tank?
  • @charlzrocks Im running the 0.3s But as far as i can recall thous are the ones ive always ran in it. As far as chain vapeing more of an ish then a yes. When im at work i vape of about 10 mins on my break and after about 4 good sized pulls its hot. When im at home on my PC id say yes. A puff here a puff there total puffs pre 10mins id say about 10 to 15.

    @watkijw Atlantis 2
  • Ok well hopefully i didn't damage my batteries. Im going to order some .5s Thursday when i get paid till then ive got to keep on the .3s as its the only replacem3enet coils i have for the time being. Thanks for the info everyone and hopefully this fixes my isshues.
  • Let us know what happens!
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