Confused: Aspire Atlantis Mega - Which coil to buy? 0.3, 0.5 or 1.0

Hi all,

I'm quite new to ecigs, so please bear with me.

I'd like to buy new coils (my first time ever) but I'm confused which one.

I have an Aspire CF Maxx. It has way too much power for what I need but got it because I love the carbon design and I wanted a big ass ecig :) It came with a 1.0ohm pre-installed. I'm now using the 0.3ohm atomizer that came extra with the kit. For some reason the 0.3 turns my juice darker over time whereas the 1.0 didn't.

I found this info:
- 0.3 ohm - 70-80W
- 0.5 ohm - 20-30W
- 1.0 ohm - 40-50W

I vape at only between 15W-20W.
Q1: Is it correct that I should go for the 0.5 ohm? or should I go for higher/lower?

When searching for coils, sometimes the product title says it will fit Atlantis 1 and 2.
Q2: Will any Aspire Atlantis coil fit Atlantis Mega as well? (I couldn't find whether it is a 1 or 2)
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  • You don't use your CF Maxx correctly.
    You use a 0.3 Ohms resistance that should function between 70 and 80 Watts and you vape at 15-20 Watts ...

    Use the 1.0 Ohm coil at around 40-45 Watts with direct inhale (like I do on both I own ;) )
    Satisfaction guaranteed :)>-

    Any Atlantis/Triton will do (except the 0.3 Ohm like said above) and I believe there is only one Atlantis Mega version.
  • Not sure if I can get to 40W yet. Just getting to 20W was already hard enough. Let's slowly build up to that :)

    Thanks Cegoca, I'll go for 1.0 :)
  • In "direct inhale" of course; you know about it or are not very sure ?
    I ask the question because I made the same error when I began with the "normal" Atlantis more than a year ago now.
    Without direct lung inhale, you will not give the clearo a sufficient airflow and all your vape will seem harsh and too hot.
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