18650 Battery Safety/Sub Ohm Vaping


I recently bought an Aspire Pegasus 70w with Triton tank. The shop owner recommended Aspires own NI200 coils for TC vaping so I bought these, and the package I bought shipped with a Samsung 25R 2500mah 3.7 v unprotected battery.

Setup is working fine but I recently googled "battery safety" while researching replacement batteries and chargers and now wish I hadn't :(

As far as I can see, most experienced vapers would not risk vaping below 0.3 ohms with a single 20-30A 18650 battery.

Is this a valid concern? If not why? If so, why did my pegasus ship with a NI200 in the box and no warning? Are there any recommendations for safely firing an NI200 coil from the Pegasus without risking pushing the battery to its limit?

Thanks in advance

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  • @paulokes There are a few things you want to keep in mind. The advice you read is excellent advice, but is really about unregulated mods. The Pegasus is a regulated mod, and has safety features to prevent mishaps. Also, keep in mind that the resistance rating (Ohms) really applies to Wattage mode, not necessarily TC mode. Nickel, by nature, has a very low resistance. Because of this and other very important reasons, it should ONLY be run in TC mode. In this mode, your battery and coil will be protected even though the resistance rating is very low.

    The 25R is a good battery, and should run your Pegasus very well. You will probably want to stick with a .4 Ohm or higher resistance Kanthal or SS coil, but you don't need to be concerned about the resistance of a TC coil as long as it is properly set up in the correct mode. :)
  • As long as the battery is the proper Amp rating for a regulated mod, there is little to worry about. The main concern is if the battery wrapper is damaged. The chip on the regulated mod will take care of the rest. That Samsung battery is what I use quite often in a lot of my mods. They tend to have a more fragile wrapper than some but do take some abuse. For the most part the as stated, it is typically for the unregulated mods that you need to worry about the rating of the battery. Just stick to a well known brand and keep your mod in the proper mod and you will be fine
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