Tracking number not working

Hi, i rescently ordered(03/01/16) the new cleito tank and selected DHL shippment but the status said my pack was sended with EMS. The EMS tracking number doesnt work either. I would like to know if everything is alright with my package. Thank you
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  • For them to actually be able to help, you will have to supply the order number. Did your tracking number start with "hk"? If so, then it got sent out Hong Kong Post. Sometimes they incorrectly list EMS when it was sent out Hong Kong Post. You may have just selected free shipping which will be the most cost effective for Aspire depending on what all was ordered. If you did select DHL, then someone will need to reimburse you for the cost of shipping.
  • My order number is 201428086, sry im new to that kind of forum.. my tracking number start by LM and yes i did select DHL! thx for reply
  • When did you place the order? Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for the tracking number to get into DHL and/or the Chinese postal system.
  • I placed my order the 3 january, so almost 1 week ago! I can wait ! I just want to make sure everything alright since i dont have much tracking information and it my first order here.
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    Sorry for the trouble .
    According to the shipping address ,you need pay for the extra shipment--31 USD .
    So we shipped it via EMS ,pls understanding .
  • How can i send that amount... i changed my credit card since...
  • I doubt you can upgrade the shipping once the order has been confirmed.
  • Sorry i missunderstood, english is not my main language.... thx for the answer!
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