Triton mini non removable drip tip

So I'm a little confused here. I purchased my Odyssey kit in December and have been using it since. I wanted to replace the drip tip with one just a little longer, but apparently there is no drip tip. The manual that came with the kit and the website both have information and show that the top that screws onto the top of the tank is supposed to have a removable drip tip. My top is just one single piece with no removable drip tip. So I'm not really sure what the deal is with it. I also just checked the code and it came back authentic. So I'm not sure if the documentation shipped is wrong, the information on the website and all the websites selling the kits is wrong or if this somehow wasn't correctly machined and managed to pass through QC like this.
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    The drip tip of the triton mini tank can be removable
    attach a picture for your reference(the part marked with red circle can be removable),we can pull the drip top off the drip tip system
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  • @Blankman I thought that too when I first got mine, but the drip tip is indeed removable. It fits so well that it looks like one piece, but just pull hard and it will come right out. :)
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