i started out vaping, got a atlantis v2 tank, stopped producing on my CF SUBohm battery after the 3rd day, replaced coil with same .5 i believe and went out in 3 days again, figured the battery was messing them up so i got a mod, SMOK TreeBox Mini 75. been using a kangertech tank and works, testing with the atlantis tank with another reaplaced .3 coil, wont produce any vape until i turn the box waaayyyyyyyy down, temp about 115celcius or below and wattage under 15, the box recognized the coil as .3, im new to vaping so please forgive my lack of good words to use. i loved the atlantis v2 with all the air that moves through it, i use nicotine free liquid and just vape for flavors and to do tricks, im sure that doesnt help with the answer but i figured the nicotine free part would help.
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    What are you doing in TC mode (Ni200 only, I believe) on that box ? You should be in Wattage mode.
    Is the base airflow open ? (yes, it happens ...).
    What resistance do you use on the Kanger tank ?
    The 0.5 Aspire resistance, is it the Kanthal or the Clapton one ?
    The 0.3 one needs 70 to 80 Watts to function.

    What liquid (pg/vg ratio) are you using (nicotine doesn't really matter here) ?
  • The Aspire CF Subohm battery will fire from .5ohm up to 3.ohm. If your liquid is High VG and you are chain vaping or doing tricks, you may not be letting the coil soak up enough juice between hits and eventually burning out the coil/cotton.
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