Aspire E-Hookah the Proteus

So, my friend purchased the new Aspire Proteus. He give it to me to test for a week so I can write a review for all you eager beavers who want to know more. So where do I start. The weight of the Aspire is around a pound. The kit comes with the proteus of course, the tank, a usb charger, and 2 18650 batteries. Okay so the coil of the proteus is 0.25ohms. It vapes at 70 watts but decreases as battery life drains. The coil it self is made with organic Japanese cotton. I would recommend 80% VG 20%PG. 100%VG you run the risk of burning out the coil cause it might not soak up fast enough. The pg does allow you taste the flavor more too. The coil life is about 1 months if you cape 5-7 times a week. Anything less then that you be good for about a month and a half.(my opinion). The batteries that come with us last up to 5-6 hours before needing a charge. They will charge for about 3 hours. You can substitute any 18650 battery in for them so you can keep on vaping. Do not use the USB charger because you risk battery damage. Just use battery charger like the soda charge sold on misthub. There are no way to change the resistance of the coil by the way. There only one coil for it. So does it work. Holy cow yes. This thing gives off such cool dense vapor I feel like smog the dragon. This mod can go on most ehookahs. If you don't have one recommend buying a super cheap one on amazon for 50 dollars because the glass base just becomes a mouth piece if you think about it. The water does make the vapor very cool. If you use ice it makes it even cooler and will work. But for you new to using this you must inhale hard for a lot of clouds lightly for little clouds a lot of taste. If you want to change e-liquids then simple take as much out of the tank then fill it with your new e-liquid then drop 2 drops in the inside atomizer. This just soaks it up more. Then take the hose and take small quick light hits just so you fire the coil up for a second to prep the new e juice. I really do recommend this if you vape with friends. It makes it a lot more fun and interesting. Aspire if you would like me to do a video review please let me know.
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