running .15 ohm coil with a triton tank(ohms changing)

Im having problems with my .15 ohm ni200 coil changing between .14 ohm to .30 ohms. Im running it at 400° F and even when its at .15 ohms it has a bite to my lungs, is there a secret to getting a smother vape with a thicker cloud? I know its a vape to lung inhale, do i drag slower or faster? I just cant figure it out.
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  • Are the contact points between the tank and mod clean? If so it sounds like you might have a defective coil. I have had the ohm change before but usually only up 1 or down 1. Yours is a big jump/drop so something isn't right.
  • @ksedwar they were definetly not clean, after i cleaned it up and put it back on the mod it brought it back down to .14, i dont know how juice managed to get underneith the coil. That fixes that problem. Thank you.
  • Your welcome and I'm glad it was an easy fix. I have "mystery drips" now and then too. The seals are good but not always perfect.
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