Pegasus not firing in TC mode

I'm still fairly new to vaping (about 2 months into it). I have a Smok tank and tried a TF-Ti coil to try TC mode. I can get into TC mode. I set the temperature but it will not fire. I went back to the shop where I bought everything. The owner tested the Smok on his rig and it worked fine. To be honest he said the Ohms were probably too low for it to work. I told him the TF-Ti was a .33.

Shouldn't the Pegasus work fine with this setup? I'm guessing this might be an older version as I have not seen the bypass option come up and it is not mentioned in my manual. Is this an issue in the older version or am I just doing something wrong. I wanted to try playing with TC as the Pegasus does not have the wattage to push some of the Smok coils enough to get the flavor I am looking to attain.

I originally bought the Odyssey kit from him and it had the version 1 Triton tank. It leaked and spit like crazy. He didn't want to replace it either so I went back on a day when he wasn't there and one of his employees traded me the V1 and coils for the Smok set. They did not have a v2 of the Triton. I since bought one online and really like it but would like to be able to use the Smok I have as well.

Your suggestions and input are appreciated.
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