Aspire natulius coil unscrews from base when refilling

just received a aspire natulius, love that it holds 5ml and love the air inlet adjustment. the problem, and i see its happening to other people as well, is when i unscrew the bottom to refill the atomizer stays in the chimney and not in the bottom, where it should stay. ive cleaned and tightened it to the base a few time but it will still stay in the upper tube, chimney every time. i know i dont want to put loctite on it, might want to replace it some day, but what can be done to fix this problem.
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  • @hotrod351
    First and foremost, is the Nautilus a Genuine Aspire tank? Have you checked the scratchoff code on the package against the Aspire website? A lot of the fake/knockoff tanks have bad threading and will cause this problem!
    When you check the scratch off authentication it should read as in the photo below (the X's being the numbers you input) If it says that the code has already been checked more than one time, then you have purchased a fake. I have seen where a person checks the code and the code has been checked over 500 times. Meaning that the fake maker is using the same one number on all it's fake goods.
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  • I have several Nautilus tanks, and this happens all the time to one of them. Honestly, it really isn't an issue. The threads are just a little tighter in the chimney than the base. I haven't had any issues with the tank at all.
  • Same here, we just get used to it ;)
  • Thanks for that info! It's hard for me to comment too much on the Nautilus as I don't own one so I start from the most initial point of the problem possibly being fake coils.
  • another thought is i might be tightening it to much.
  • Ya it happens a lot on tanks that use a threaded coil to do screw the base back on. It used to happen to me all the time,
  • I am the same - at times the coil is attached to the chimney when I unscrew the base. I think it may be linked to how hard you tighten it. Also when I try to unscrew the base it is that tight I have to use a jar opener to get a grip on the base to loosen it and that's when the coil is stuck.
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