Replacing Triton 2 liquid?

How do I replace the liquid in the Triton 2, the dude in the shop did it for me but I didn't pick it up to well.

I had the Atlantis v2 that was simple but now there's something about putting the juice in the top and twisting it do the drip section?

Any help thanks
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  • 1. Hold the top of the tank section and turn out the part the drip tip is inserted into. There's a groove on the top that shows what will turn out.
    2. the top of the tank has two metal sections. Turn the top one so the arrow points to the drop. If you look into the top you'll see two open sections.
    3. fill the tank through one of those two open sections. Hold the tank on an angle, and leave about 1/8" (3mm) space
    4. Re-insert the part you removed carefully, so that you don't cross-thread it
    5. Turn the arrow to the vaping head
    6. You're done! Vape on!
  • @Foxhound
    Also here is the direct link to the filling instructions with step by step diagram pictures on the Aspire site.
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