Aspire Triton mini tank for sale on aspire online store(delivery in the late of December)

Aspire Triton mini tank for sale on our online store(delivery in the late of December),
here is the
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  • Glad it's working out for ya! You can close down the airflow controls to nearly nothing and still get a good mouth to lung hit from the tank.
  • Just taken delivery of mine

    Out of the box it leaked, I was a bit hasty, the device wasn't screwed together tight enough and the problem was identified as very loose glass.
    stripped it down and wound every thread in the unit to the max with no glass and rubbers in place, not used to having to do this.
    worked perfectly once assembled after that.
    I'm not one for a direct to lung vape. I smoked for years so in prefer mouth to lung
    As such I have set it up with Nautilus 1.6 ohm coil and the nautilus drip tip. the 1.8 Clapton pre installed was a bit too airy and too easy to draw on. more like sub ohm coil. haven't tried the other coil yet. will wait to get some 0.6 VG based juice before I do a direct-draw sub ohm style session.

    it works very very well. a good buy from Aspire UK and after my initial leak I have had no other problems.


  • They are selling in the USA now :) I just recieved a black version :) using the Natilus size Clapton coil head in it now :) works great and no leaks , awesome I love love love this, It will use all my Natilus coils and I can purchase new ones like Clapton etc to use on my Natiluses and this new Triton mini. I will purchase the stainless steel version and rose gold versions of the Triton minis soon :) I got the Triton 2 awhile back and it works great allso no leaks and tons of coil heads for it this is great :) Hopefully the Triton Mini will come out with a 5ml version with the Natilus size bvc coil heads this would be awesome :)
  • @AspirLurker thank you for you feedback.
    I will pass your suggestion to our products development department
  • @Tina No Triton Mini alone for sale in french or belgian (quality) shops ... how come ? :(
  • Yes but they are wholesalers, lots of people would like to find the Triton mini at a retail shop.
    Any idea when these we be available at the retail shops ?
  • @Cegoca we have sold the triton mini tank separately for some time,I think most retailers shops have got it.
    If one didn't get ,it may doesn't know this information that our Triton mini tank has been sold separately.

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