Aspire after-sales center in Canada is coming

Aspire is pleased to announce our new after sales service solution. In order to provide better and more efficient service for our customers, we have made some changes on our after sales service process, we have built a new after sales service system together with some of our authorized distributors, By cooperating with Pacific Smoke International Inc. ,we have finished our second overseas service center based in the Canada, and more service centers will coming in the near future. With service centers worldwide this allows us to serve our customers more effectively and efficiently.
Some brief information about our warranty policy, please check our
For information about Canada service center, please follow:!service-centre/c1obg
If you are a customer in Canada,you can contact our after-sale service center in Canada
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  • Good news for The Great White North!
  • It's good to have a service center here.
  • @Tina, for each of your tanks you show 'Accessories' ranging from 4-8 replacement parts such as rubber seal gaskets, Spring and pins for airflow, drip tip tops, etc. Will we be able to purchase these through Pacific Smoke?
  • @big_vape I am sorry that at present users only can buy the accessories from our online store directly.

  • So i just went to see how that would look. For the 2 rubber gaskets for my Nautilus mini, it's $2.00, with a $6.50 epacket charge and 8 to 20 day delivery time. That doesn't sound like good service or cost at all. Not when you will have a local resource in Canada.

    They're small items, please reconsider by thinking of your customer needs
  • I will pass your suggestion to our distributors.
    Best Wish
  • So, the inevitable happened. I dropped my mod with a Triton V1 attached, and it now looks like the leaning tower of Pisa. The 510 is bent. No worries, I think I can order it here, but know I can't order replacement clear o-rings that discolour (how shortsighted Aspire). Yup, $17 USD for the base plus shipping, because they're not stocked at the Canadian repair site. That's like $25 Canadian for a bent 510. Do I spend $25 to repair an 'old technology' tank. Nope, I'll purchase a new NON Aspire tank. NO more coil sales for Aspire for the replacement. No worries.
  • @big_vape For the clear o-rings,would you please contact our
    If she can help you out
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