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Hi everyone.
My current kit is the premium kit, CFVV + nautilus mini. After thinking I'd sorted the problem of gurgling/spitting, it's happening again. This kit is too hit and miss and I've had enough of it.
I'm wondering what you guys recommend as a replacement/upgrade based on your experiences.
I don't want to go back to cigs but I'm fed up of sore lips and throat.
I'd appreciate any input.
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  • Can you get the 1.8Ω Triton mini coils locally? They are hands down the best mouth to lung coils I've used. You can use them in your Nautilus. I highly recommend 40% - 60% VG liquids with this coil.

    Get a wattage control MOD. Any make is fine, You need something that goes from at least 7W - 20W in 0.1W increments. There should be a facebook group for your area where you can buy a used one for very little. Check with your local B&Ms. That would be your cheapest way to find something you are happy with. I replaced my CF VV+ within two weeks. That alone made a huge difference.

    If you want, or need to replace your entire kit, I recommend the Odyssey mini. The Triton mini, 1.8Ω Clapton coil, and a 40% - 60% VG liquid really produces excellent flavor with no spitting/gurgling. The Pegasus mini delivers the power you need, and allows you to explore TC if you wish. It doesn't seem to be enough to drive the new Cleito, but will drive most other Aspire coils for the Nautilus, Atlantis, and Triton series of tanks.

    The amount of nicotine in your juice needs to be tailored to your coil and taste. I recommend that you buy both an 18mg/ml and 0mg/ml version of a liquid you enjoy. Mix them 2-3 ml at a time in a shot glass, and load your tank. Start with 3mg/ml, and work your way up to where it becomes harsh, then down to your preference. It will cost you a few coils and some time to find your sweet spot for the tank/coil/liquid combination. Don't give up on it. Every time I try a new tank, coil, or liquid I go through this all over again. It seems like a lot of work presented this way, but it very quickly turns to only a few tries and no wasted coils to get it right for you.

    Note: with the Odyssey mini you'll need to buy one or two 18650 batteries, and a pack of replacement coils.
  • The Odyssey Mini (or Quest in the UK) is an excellent all around package! I love mine!
  • Regulations require Li-ion batteries to be shipped as dangerous goods. Shipping costs, and the paperwork involved go up significantly. The paperwork attached to the Proteus weighed more that the rest of the shipment.
  • @watkijw online uk stores seem to be selling them for around £6.99 so I'll get a spare :)
    Tried to answer last night but couldn't load the site up.
    The big decision now is what colour to go for hehe
  • @Old_Salt thanks for all that info. I'm going to go down the full replacement route.
    Funny you mention replacing your CFVV so quickly. I've noticed an old vision spinner 2 clone I have seems to perform better than the CF.
    I've no issues staying with aspire products it's just this premium kit isn't what I hoped it would be. I've tried everything from 80/20 pg/vg right up to 100% vg with varying results and there's no warning when it's going to go wrong.
    Another issue in my part of the U.K. Seems to be a lot of shops selling various quality of liquid and there's no telling how good or bad it's going to be until I've bought it. I've even had a few bottles that are great then one that isn't.
    I'll have a good look round and see what I can find. I quite fancy the odyssey mini and let's face it, there's still a few shopping days to xmas :) time to drop a few hints
  • The Odyssey Mini (or Quest in the UK) is an excellent all around package! I love mine!
  • @charlzrocks so good you said it twice :))
    I'm gonna go with the odyssey I think. Been pricing up. It's a bit naff that they don't include a battery in the kit but you can't have everything I suppose :)
    Massive hints are flying round our house at the moment
  • @Old_Salt makes sense when you put it like that.

    Thanks again for the info.
  • You will love the Odyssey mini @Essdub . And maybe you can get a decent 18650 battery locally to avoid the shipping fees? Just make sure it is a high drain battery. :)
  • @Essdub - I've found the eleaf 30 and 40 to be very consistent and easy to use batteries; cheap from fasttech - be sure to buy the authentic ones
    (Much, much better than the spinner 2's)
    Try ezee vape/ ezee quit for liquids, they're cheap, so easy to try; remember to add the discount coupon - my girlfriend uses their golden virginia a lot and for her it's the best.

    @old_salt - thanks for the triton coil tip - I'll be ordering some of those later today for a Nautilus mini
    Have you found them to be of more consistent quality than the nautilus bvc coils?

    And Essdub - keep going with it - you'll get your kit sorted to your liking; good luck :)
  • @firefly I would stay away from anything from FastTech especially batteries. Everything they sell is fake/clone/knockoff even though they claim it's authentic, it is not.
  • Absolutely! FT might be ok for an RDA clone, but that's about where I would draw the line. No batteries, mods or tanks unless you want to invite problems. There are plenty of good battery suppliers out there, and authentic batteries don't cost all that much anyway.
  • @firefly thanks. I've used ezee quit liquid in my old evod. There's a store near me so I'll pop in. I've tried their tobacco flavours. Not for me.
    My odyssey project has been put on hold for a while. My son surprised me on xmas day with a subox mini kit (dare I say that on here?) and been pleasantly surprised with it. 3mg is a nice vape for me with 6mg being a bit harsh.
    I will get my mitts on the odyssey at some point :D
  • Quick question. I have been running Eleaf Isticks 20/30 and 40wTC's (with built in batteries) with my Nautilus Mini for months now and its been great, but I have just splashed out on a beautiful Aspire Odyssey Mini kit. Problem is the kit does not come with a 18650 battery. I am a medium user and brand new to sub ohm. Usually vape a 12mg liquid, at around 8 - 10w. I am looking for long life rather than massive power. Can you recommend a suitable battery? Been offered a eFest 3000MAH 35A for £4.99 so I was going to grab that just to get started, but is there a better battery I should invest in? Thanks guys. Claire
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    Quick answer.
    The battery choice is very important indeed, but as the Mini Pegasus included in the Odyssey Mini kit can go to 50Watts (even if you don't use them, you never know ...); I would suggest you a battery that can handle a discharge current of 20 A, no less (and with a flat top).
    The Efest you saw should do it, but as I don't see any tests about it on the "Battery Bible" I use (, if you can get your hand on a Samsung 25R or a LG HG2, that would be even better.
  • @DJClaire I just answered on your other thread, btu I suggest the Samsung 25R, or Aspire 40 Amp battery. Personally I would stay away from the efest, and get the 25R for lower wattage. You will be happy with the battery life. :)
  • @watkijw I wouldn't suggest the Aspire 40A battery for @DJClaire : no 40A needed and only 1800mAh compared to the 2500 or 3000 mAh from the others.
  • @Cegoca This is true, but I included it because it is Aspire's recommendation for the mod. Being a mostly MTL vaper myself, my suggestion is still the 25R. :)
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