Replacement Nautilus Drip Tips or 'O' rings

The 'O' ring on my Nautilus tank split and I have scoured the internet searching for either a replacement drip tip or the flat 'O' rings that would be suitable for this on UK websites but alas cannot find any sites that supply these. The USA sites are a no-no due to the postage charge.

Could anyone point me in the direction of where to obtain a replacement drip tip. Thanks.
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  • You'll want to go here and choose the parts you need. They are cheap so maybe get some back parts if you think you will need them. Just make sure it is the Nautilus and not the Nautilus Mini you are buying replacement parts for as the mini uses different parts.

    Finding parts at a local store is pretty much impossible so you may as well look through the Aspire site and see if anything else takes your fancy to make it worthwhile ordering from HK. If there isn't a new tank might be the cheapest option :(
  • Spare parts other than coils are not usually carried by distributors/retailers. I order mine direct from Aspire whenever I order anything else from them.
  • Thanks but an Aspire Drip Tip costs $1 but the postage to UK is $6.50 that's why I would prefer to purchase from a UK distributor.
  • Join a contest for free stuff, then add it to your order. You can still get in on the one for the Cleito. See the red threads above.
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