Triton V2 RTA for the Triton 2 only

We've been told by @Tina multiple times now to expect a "working" re-engineered RTA system for the Triton V2 for many weeks.
I think it is only fair that we find out when the release date for this RTA system will be released.
The Triton V2 was released in late October and thousands of consumers have already purchased this sub tank as it was considered the NEW NEW revised tank only a few short months ago. Most of us were sold the RTA kit for the original Triton to use in both versions, and now we all now it doesn't work at all for the Triton 2 and hardly works for the Triton 1.
The new Cleito sub tank has just been released and isn't even being shipped; yet the website is already telling interested consumers to lookout for an RTA system on the website.
To me this just doesn't seem like fair marketing and development.
I only hope that Aspire is not turning a blind eye to it's existing consumers because it wishes to keep cranking out new sub-tanks every couple of months. There are many existing customers whom like me have a few Triton 2 tanks (5 t.b.e) and have been very patient waiting on some type of update for this RTA we've been guaranteed will release.
Will the powers that be give us some information, an update, and/or hopefully a fulfillment deadline or E.T.A? We've been waiting a long time!!!!! If you read this post and agree or feel like you have some input; would you be so kind as to follow up with a comment of your own so hopefully these requests will see the light of day... I think there are a lot of us whom feel we are being left in the dark on purpose. Please stick to this topic and comment only regarding the Triton 2 RTA system we've already been guaranteed by Tina.
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  • @MxRagDoll I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience I caused for you.
    I really passed you and other customers' suggestion to our products development department.
    They really took your suggestion into account.they also took users' feedback for the original RTA into account. our products R&D staffs tried their best to develop a new updated RTA for the triton 2 tank day and night .but the inner structure of the coil and chimney are very limited,we can not develop a user friendly RTA as user expected.We want develop a product that comply with user's requirement,otherwise,we would rather to give up the RTA project.After repeated attempts and testing,the result is not very satisfactory.We finally make tough decisions and give up the RTA project.
    Aspire Cleito tank with an all new coil that replaces the standard chimney,the inner space is much more lager than the Triton 2.I am very confidence that our products R&D staffs can develop a satisfactory RTA for it.

    sorry again for the inconvenience I caused for you.

    If users have any kind suggestion,please feel free to let us know,we will pass them to our products development department.We need your kind suggestion to spur us to move forward.
    Thank you very much for all the support and kind suggestion.

    Best Wish

    Best Wish
  • This is very disappointing news. I was happy with my triton 1 and cache of RTAs. Then I bought the new and improved triton 2 just to find that my RTAs do not fit. Aspire started strong and then dropped the ball. I wish I hadn't wasted my money. Time to start looking for a better brand and design.
  • You can throw in the trash Triton 2. I can not recommend it anyone((
  • it is now August and no RTA for this junk thanks a lot Aspire for making this thing that I've wasted so much money on 30 dollar coils wheres the RTA so I can stop wasting hundreds of dollars a month on coils?
  • Canderous said:

    it is now August and no RTA for this junk thanks a lot Aspire for making this thing that I've wasted so much money on 30 dollar coils wheres the RTA so I can stop wasting hundreds of dollars a month on coils?

    If you had bothered to read the post above by @Tina she explained the situation. Hundreds of dollars on coils? The Triton 2 tank retails for only $50 at the Aspire online store (and cheaper elsewhere). If you are spending $30 on a coil (as you stated above) you need to find another place to buy your coils.
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