Triton Mini Clapton Coils

These coils are the best factory made coils I have ever bought,They even beat my own hand made claptons which I use in a Phenotype-L RDA with 3mm Deck posts.
Does anyone else agree?
I Bought this Quest gold kit and an extra pack.
I know they fit in the nautilus/Mini/Silo Tank.But Also Bought some Triton 0.3 ohm coils but wish I hadn't now!The original Triton is An awful tank,can someone tell me the Best Aspire tank that would fit the Triton Claptons in?Thankyou.
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  • I think that is going to be a very popular coil once more and more people know about it. It produces a really good and consistent vapor.
  • @greazedlightning most RTAs and RBAs are subohm and not even close to the 1.8 ohm Clapton coils when it comes to flavor chasing. If you are determined to get a rebuildable MTL tank, I would recommend a Kayfun V4.

    Good luck!
  • @greazedlightning I have never tried the Kayfun Mini V3, but the deck on the full sized Kayfuns are already pretty small. I would just go look for some online reviews and see what those users have to say. Personally, I found rebuilding to be fun at first, but just kind of a pain now so I don't mind spending a little extra for prebuilts. The 1.8 Ohm Clapton coils are just my all around favorites, and I know what to expect every time. :)
  • Your choices are the Atlantis or Triton series. I've tried them in an Atlantis 2, and both versions of the Triton. My preference is the one you think is an awful tank.
  • I put the 1.8ohm Clapton coil in my Nautilus last night and it works really well. It' now my favorite coil and the Nautilus is my favorite tank (again). I'm pretty happy that by default the Triton Mini created new coils for the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini. =D>
  • I am digging the 1.8 ohm clapton in the Triton Mini and the .5ohm clapton in the Atlantis, Triton V1 and V2. It works flawless in all three large tanks and the Triton Mini is in a class by itself with the 18.ohm clapton. Sheer vaping bliss!
  • the Triton Mini is in a class by itself with the 18.ohm clapton. Sheer vaping bliss!

    I couldn't agree more. The Clapton produces a nice thick vapor in the Nautilus/Mini. image
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    Absolutely, these Claptons are the best coils I have tried! Still waiting on my Black Fiday order of 1.8 Ohm Claptons for the mini, but the original coil is still going strong on a daily vape! :D

    Oh, and I have 3 Triton tanks and still love them all. The .5 Ohm Clapton is a powerhouse of flavor for when the mini just isn't enough...
  • LOVING the 1.8 claptons at the moment, but I'm only giving them 9.8watts in the triton mini with airhole WIDE open as I'm a straight to lung hooligan, flavour is AMAZING!!
    The only thing better than a 1.8ohm Clapton in a triton mini is the .5ohm Claptons that are in my Atlantis 1 and Triton 1 :)
  • I have the 1.8ohm Clapton coil in the Triton Mini at 13.5watts with the airhole restricted. I prefer MTL vaping but every now and then I will take a few nice big lung hits.
  • @ksedwar
    That 13.5 watts seems to be the sweet spot with a lot of folks, myself included!
  • Me too. 13.5W, Who was it that said nobody specifies wattage to a tenth. I'll stay a nobody then :)
  • Well, what is my problem then? My sweet spot is 20.8W lol...
  • @watkijw None at all. Different folks, different strokes. :)
  • Just got mine today and also loving the 1.8 Ohm Clapton coil. A little harder hitting than I thought it would be. I put 12mg and the sweet spot was only 10W but with a different flavor and 6mg it is now a really good vape. Wish I had ordered an extra pack though.
  • I like my Pegasus Mini all around, ready to retire my Pegasus but I am cautious due to no silicone sleeve. My sweet spot 13 - 14 W
  • I still love my full size Pegasus mods too, I just leave them at home now. The mini is just fantastic when I am on the go though... :D
  • For me the mini with the 1.8 Ohm Clapton coil at 16w really hits the spot had it for about 3 weeks and still on my first coil and loving it
  • Are these wattages safe for the Nautilus also? I love this coil. I am waiting on my new order to come in. I am MTL only. I also vape a 80/20 juice. Allergic to PG. I have it at 13.5W now.

    Thanks for any help!
  • Yes they work fine in the Nautilus. 13.5w is fine and is a good starting point. You can go up or down from there if needed.
  • My Nautilus get way to hot at 12.5W. Is that normal also?
  • All tanks will heat up. The amount of heat depends on how long your puff is, how quickly you chain vape, and the power you vape at. If your tanks get too hot there are heat sinks with pass through 510 connectors available that you can install between your tank and MOD.
  • I've just got the triton mini tank with the Pegasus mini mod. I've got the original 1.8ohm Clapton in and it's registering 1.68. Still gives a great value between 13 and 16 watts but is this normal?
  • Same as above. I've just got the triton mini tank with the Pegasus mini mod. I've got the original 1.8ohm Clapton in and it's registering 1.65. @13.5 is the best vape i have ever had. I mean I was shocked by how good this is. but yeah is the lower resistance that 1.8 normal?
  • I am now considering trying out building my own coils RTA (RBA) . I am totally new to this. I have the Pegasis mini mod with the Triton mini and I use the 1.8ohm coils in it.
    Can someone suggest a compatible clearomiser(?) with a suitable RTA kit for me to start off please?
  • @watkijw Thanks for the information. I am sort of used to small tanks. I might take a closer look at Kayfun Mini V3 RTA. Any thoughts on this?
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