Rebuilding Aspire Coils

Has anyone tried rebuilding their coils for the Atlantis or Triton tanks? I recently purchased the Triton RTA and started building vertical coils on it. My only issue was the wicking holes are pretty small, so it takes a little longer to soak in more juice. I was building a nickel coil for my RTA, and really wanted to build a coil I could put in my Triton 2. I gently pushed the cotton and coil out of a pre-built coil (so I could see how it fit without damaging the coil). After seeing how the cotton was wrapped along the coil I made a nickel coil with 12 wraps, wrapped the coil in cotton, and gently put it back up inside the head piece. It comes in at .35 ohms, and it works like a charm! Vaping at 400-450° Fahrenheit and it's incredible! Getting amazing flavor and chucking clouds. I know the coils aren't meant to be rebuilt, but I decided to give it a shot, and was wondering if anyone else had tried as well. Contemplating building a coil and setting inside empty casing of a gClapton coil.
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  • I haven't since the RTA arrived. I haven't used the RTA since I received the Claptons. Love those Claptons.

    If you take the pre-built Atlantis/Triton coils apart, you'll notice an inner shell. I was contemplating using a dremel to remove one of them, and expanding the wicking holes in one of my RTAs. I'd wrap the coil, with cotton, use the inner shell as a baffle, wrap that with cotton, then insert the assembly into the RTA. I think that's probably as close to a leak-free pre-built that can be achieved.
  • @Old_Salt I gotta agree with you - I am hooked on these prebuilt Claptons! I have been making my own coils for a while now, and honestly it is just worth the cost for me to buy these prebuilts. Besides, homemade Claptons are just a lot of work. I managed a 1.0 Ohm homemade Clapton in the Triton RTA that is very nice, but really just too much work.

    Rebuilding might be an idea for TC coils though. I wasn't a huge fan of the Nickel coils, but I do have som Ti wire sitting around. I just might take one of these coils apart and try it. :)
  • I just re-wicked my Clapton, otherwise I would do a pictorial on how to do it. The biggest hurdle to overcome is how to cleanly disassemble. I ended up using my metal lathe and making two things to make it easy. One thing I've noticed doing this, is that if you don't use to much cotton you don't need to open up the wicking holes.
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