where is my order

Hi guys!
Got an order from last thursday 3/12. Was shipped the saturday but dhl is still on shipment information received wich mean the package is still at your warehouse....It s been 1 week now, where is the order ????
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    Aspire may be putting a larger shipment together for pick-up. DHL has a very poor reputation with me for both pick-up and delivery. I've had up to 40% added to the cost of orders from China as fees, customs and taxes that I don't have to pay with e-packets. Pick-ups seem random, delivery is always late. I'll never use them again.

    My preferred shipping method for small (under $200 CAD) orders from China is registered mail. Think of it, if one in three packages disappears I'd be mad; but still ahead.
  • I agree with @Old_Salt. Dhl requires signature but half the time the drivers leave package on door step and walk away. I have seen it happen once sitting in my living room
  • @tuberider
    Really sorry for the trouble .
    Christmas is coming before you know it,and at a time like this ,the transporting companies are so busy that the all packages have some delay .Pls understanding .Now the order will be arrived tomorrow by air.
    Merry Christmas in advance !
  • Mine is the same , bought on November 29th , shipment information received on December the 5th , and still the same since , today is December 14 .
  • @Ovalmst
    Sorry ,I didn't check an order by your email and name .Would you pls tell me the order number ?
    I will help you . :)
  • Hi Demi
    The order number is 808805949 .
    Thanks .
  • @Ovalmst
    We are so sorry for everything .
    Pls kindly wait for some time ,I asked the transporting company to solve the problem ASAP .
    Any news from them ,I will contact you .
    Have a nice day !
  • Hi Demi
    Thanks for your reply ,
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    Good News ,the packages will be arrived today by air .You can get them recently .
    Apologize for the delay again .
    Have a nice day ! :)
  • I ordered the kit from aspire and on the DHL site and ASPIRE SITE IT SAYS SHIPPED ON THE 19th of Feb. it is now Feb. 25th, and it hasn't left HONG KONG for almost a week??? This is horrible ASPIRE... Why does your site say shipped then?? This will probably be the last time I order from them, because when I spoke to them VIA live chat they kept given me the runaround about why.. I've ordered before from ASPIRE and it never took this long to leave HONG Kong. And it was XMAS to.just wish they wouldn't lie about that it shipped.
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    Hello friend ,
    Really sorry for the delay .
    Customs officer carry out spot check on the goods,which has taken long time .
    Now everything is OK ,you can get the package in Feb.29th .


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