Aspire Cleito Sub Ohm Tank--GET BEST WITH LESS

Get more with less! Aspire low-cost Sub ohm Tank is coming to see you. December 15th, be there or be square!

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  • @MxRagDoll Thank you so much for your kind suggestion.
    You are not the only one to suggest a RDA or RTA for Triton2 tank.
    I have passed your suggestion to our products development department.
    We products develoment took your suggestion into account, in nearly future,we may make a new RTA for our Triton2 tank,it will also works for the original Triton tank.
    Best Wish
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    A week ago a post was created regarding expectations for Christmas by Tina. (
    After only seeing a limited amount of replies (17 currently; subject to change) and reading many other posts on the aspire forums, I have to ask.....
    Will you be taking the customers requests seriously into consideration this holiday or simply continue to release more and more sub ohm tanks with small modifications to maximize profits on NEW product sales?
    As I noticed a large number of forum members were looking for new products related to their existing tanks/merchandise. This would maximize profits on existing platforms. For example; the Triton 2 is an amazing sub-ohm tank that works like a horse when dialed in perfectly to the users preferred vape style and all the atomizer options are fantastic and most likely selling exponentially. I'm certain Aspire has sold a record breaking sales goal on that tank in the limited time it's been on the market. So why haven't we seen a WORKING RTA kit that's functional?
    This has been asked MANY times and I'm positive it will be a big seller if the design functions. I for one was part of the crowd that commented on the original RTA that did not function with the Triton 2 and less than a day or so later Aspire updated the entire website to notify new customers and old that the RTA in fact did NOT work with the Triton 2.
    I also believe that the true Aspire fans and loyal consumers will definitely invest in a more powerful MOD for the dripper scene. An Aspire R.D.A tank (rebuild-able dripper or RDA) would also sell like hot cakes if paired with a powerful enough MOD at 150+/- wattage and utilized LiPo or Dual 18650 batterys to power the coils. A simple 3 or 4 post design on an RDA would sell with a good set of finish options and/or multiple color variations as well as a wide bore drip tip. Combine something like that with the Aspire name and I'm sure it would sell in no time.
    These are just my opinions based on what I've read and educated myself among the fan boy's/girls here on the forums.
    I would love to read other follow up comments besides mine on Tina's announcement of yet another tank which seems frivolous so soon after release of the Triton 2 and the Triton Mini.
    Without even being an insider to the Aspire development scene it would be very disappointing to see a sub-ohm built in mod like the Kangertech Nebox . I hope Aspire wouldn't do that because they appear to be a company that likes to stay in the forefront of NEW designs (like the Proteus hookah for example), but I believe more development into existing products like the Atlantis, Triton, Triton 2, Proteus, etc... would certainly satisfy your current customer base and continue to create a constant revenue.
    Let me know how you guys feel!!
  • @Tina more meaning better clouds and flavor holding more juice for lot less money that's a lot more for less I think you referring to ? Or a great dual mod set up with tank at affordable price ( hint hint )
  • As I was not up to much this afternoon I decided to draw up my hairbrained 6 post RDA idea from earlier post to scale for the 30mm platform used by the CF Maxx. I sometimes wish I had access to a lathe or cnc mill, but I would probably end up killing myself with my hairbrained ideas.
    I've not spent that much time on the top half, ie vents etc but the deck would probably work spacing wise and I've NEVER seen a 6 post RDA
    Any jobs going in R&D at Aspire?
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  • A flat tank?!? :-O 8-} :-O
  • you can guess what do "more" and " less "mean?
  • Great post with some great observations!!
    =D> :-bd
  • @Tina
    Could it be a subohm tank with a different RTA inclusive? Hmmmm? :-?
  • Thanks again @charlzrocks for the kudos on observations.

    And yes @Tina , I am trying my best to guess!!! More with less is a great concept we can all appreciate.
    So how about that RDA? lol......
    SuperFans wanna know!!!!!
  • @charlzrocks ; love the flat tank comment. But yes, it would be disappointing to me because Aspire does such a good job with advancing the tank styles which are completely removable and every component can be replaced and cleaned. Such as the Triton 2.
    Not to beat a dead a TRITON 2 RTA would be pretty darn cool their huh @Tina !! ;)
  • @MxRagDoll
    The more for less thing leads me to believe an RTA that is included with the tank, but aspire is being Very tight lipped about this tank. I am getting no leaked info at all so who knows what bizarre idea they have up their sleeve?
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    When you own 5 Triton 2 tanks like I do the Triton 2 RTA sounds great! Now I'm giving that horse the deathjab...
    But seriously, if they made an amazing tank like you're suggesting I'll bite; but then of course they would have to build it to a spec that would require only one coil which would be backed by power from either the Pegasus at 70W or MINI which is doable.
    Or they have simply created another version of a sub-ohm tank that requires less power and has a larger liquid reserve, or a smaller liquid reserve that requires less power but a more efficient coil. Hence; we are back at the top of my post. ;(
  • Sounds interesting. I'm always happy to see new products but I'm waiting patiently for some new innovation that expands on the Nautilus style tanks. Please don't forget that a lot of people don't care much for sub-ohm vaping. :)
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    Very good additional observation.
    I think we are missing the entire concept here though based on the OP.
    @Tina - may have given more of a clue in her post then we think, "December 15,2015,Be there or Be Square". I believe the SQUARE verbiage and the following flat box image is exactly why I said what I said about the NeBox. I've seen it from other vendors and only hope Aspire hasn't become a trend follower instead of an innovator. More from Less concept has already been done. 60W+/- Temp control and 10mil volume in a flat tank is what I think we're gonna see. I hope I'm wrong.
  • @Tina
    You Rock. Thanks for the update on that RTA for the Triton 2!!! I'll be obsessively awaiting that release for sure!!! ;)
  • I think aspire is releasing a ceramic coil for the new tank like the Vapeston ceramikas.
  • a new RTA for the Triton 2 would be awesome! =D>
  • @Tina More Clouds with less cost. I would actually like to see more Wattage coils a lot of our mods out there are seriously not being used their full potential
  • A RTA kit for the Triton 2 would convince me to purchase a Triton 2,
    A RDA, take my money NOW!
    The Cleito, one BIG box for a atomizer unless it is going to be supplied in self assembly format or maybe a atomizer with a RTA kit all in one box.
    Come on Aspire (Tina), let us 'forum members' in on the loop before Joe public!
    Release date 15th December, what's the likelihood of receiving a unit in the UK before xmas or my birthday the day before, slim to none :(
  • Prices of 19.99 $ already in Google ... ?
  • Cegoca said:

    Prices of 19.99 $ already in Google ... ?

    Hmm, I saw a $19.99 pre-order cost for a $45 product... Maybe it is an all-in-one piece of equipment like the NeBox? If so, I hope it is smaller like the eGrip. I won't get too excited until I see the actual product.

    Now, the idea of a revamped RTA for the Triton v2 really has me excited! :D
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    watkijw said:

    Prices of 19.99 $ already in Google ... ?

    That was listed right after Aspire made the announcement so I wouldn't trust it. Even worse is the "review" is a copy/paste of my other comment in this thread. They stole my comment for a fake review...

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    That vapeston ceramic tank is the tits. If you are correct sir, then I was WAYYY off, and glad to be!
    Tina would have thrown me completely for a loop with her verbiage about "Be there or Be SQUARE", and the flat box picture complement would have simply been icing on the confusion. But with a name like CLEITO, and ceramic being the atomizer, you sir may be on to something!!!

    How awesome is our community fan base for Aspire!! You guys are great! I didn't expect so many responses so fast!

    If the Aspire TechnoGods are listening please keep in mind all of these comments for future development but if it is an ALL-IN-ONE flat tank build with a hand grippy box style mod with embedded and replaceable atomizers that will be interchangeable with the existing Triton tanks you can bet on a few KEY things;
    1. It's going to be a pain to clean
    2. Also a pain to keep liquids away from the circuitry
    3. If the tank is not made of glass that will retain the e-juice, a possible failure altogether because the plastic styles degrade over time. The non-glass tanks will crack or degrade with citrus-y style e-liquids due to chemistry.
    Both the egrip and kebox styles have already had these issues.
    What should be most important is safety; the cleaning/circuit board disasters are an explosion waiting to happen in your pocket.
    I hope Aspire is prepared for that if this is the case. There are already reviews explaining these exact issues on the interwebs of social media and because it is against forum rules to post competitors links or reviews per competition; the savvy consumer must do their own research.
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    Let me correct my above statement, I re-read my post above and noticed a word was missing but too much time had passed to edit.
    My first sentence should have said: "That vapeston ceramic tank IDEA is the tits."
    I DO NOT own one and am not giving my personal review of their product here. That was a major NO-NO.
    The Soter products by Ceravape have also made a monstrosity of a sub-ohm tank which has 3 ceramic atomizers that are wrapped with coils. I say monstrosity because I swear it is the size of a ping pong ball width tank. Others have done this in the past and they didn't work so good, didn't sell so good, and overall it was expensive for the atomizers and replacement parts. Yes, the atomizers lasted longer, but NO, you could not use them for chain vaping, and the POSITIVES did not out weigh the NEGATIVES. Again, savvy consumers do their research.
    On another note we need to look into some finer details.
    Lets remember how long it takes to heat up Ceramic as well as the fact that once its heated it doesn't cool fast either! Certainly no where's near as quick as metal coils and the ceramic atomizers usually use synthetic wicking to retain juice which slows the process down. Most of the Ceramic style atomizers were created for use with something OTHER than e-juice if you get my meaning. Once they heated up, they stayed hotter, longer, and stayed hot, thus vaporizing the material being used at a higher temperature for longer. Which means they will not wick fast enough to vape HIGH VG e-juice very well. All of this has been done before, so I'm hoping if a Ceramic Sub ohm tank is what's in store, the Aspire consumer is aware of the consequences.
    If you remember back in 2014 Vapin Donuts came up with this and it failed miserably.....
    Do some interwebs research on your own time with some of the key words in my recent posts about these ceramic wastes of money and you'll see the technology is best used for other materials, and has been done before by many others, even in the SUB-OHM tank category. Similar to fishing, sports, building and craftsmanship; you need the right tools with the correct materials to perform specific tasks and each one has its own place.
    Not a vape sermon, just a message.
  • This tank ,we will release a very amazing RTA in future.
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    Tina said:

    This tank ,we will release a very amazing RTA in future.

    =D> ^:)^ =D> I think that might explain the "Get more with less" description.
  • I was on the right train of thought then when I said a atomizer with RTA kit included,
    Yeah I saw the $19.99 google result that turned into $45 when it came to the actual site. On a positive note they were giving away free 1 yes count it 1 unit in January. to qualify peops had to register and add one to their basket blah blah blah, that's a OLD sales technique, don't talk to me about ceravape either, the day after commenting on a RipTrippers review I received a friend request from a random vaper on Fb, being all about the vape community I added her, I commented on a photo she had posted previously of a popular polished mechanical mod stating that I preferred the copper version, she replied that she used to work for that company then started of with her sales patter, Q, have you heard of ceramic wicking? A, what like readyxwick, the stuff you can use as a insulator for genesis style atomizers! Sent me a link to the first atomizer, didn't like it when I told her it was a blatant Atlantis copy, the conversation carried on as I didn't want to be rude with her saying it was nothing like the Atlantis as it had a ceramic wick and all the sub ohm tanks look alike, and me upholding my point of veiw that it was a clone with a ceramic wick coil, so she then sent a second link to utube, low and behold a Triton inspired sub tank, well several comments later with other peops weighing in their tuppence worth every now, one guy got quite vexed starting off with LISTEN! I wouldn't tollerate that from a friend let alone a random, I promptly put him in his place as the whole conversation had nothing to do with the original comment as it was a hard sell sales technique. then the conversation ended along the lines that Aspire innovate while others replicate.
  • More options, less base cost?
    Cleito was the wife of Poseidon, founders of Atlantis' royal family. She had ten sons, so perhaps up to ten add-ons.
    Atlas, her first, will probably be the RTA
    another son may be an optional top AFC
    some sons may take the form of new coils
    some sons may have different body sizes
    some may change the tank's color
  • Maybe this is a version of the TFV4 with a more affordable price on coils :p
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