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Has Aspire addressed the issue with bad coils????? I'm sick of people saying fake or not primed correctly. I have bought several packs of authentic coils, and continue to get bad coils and good coils in the same pack. I have yet to buy a 5 pack of coils and get 5 good ones. There is always at least 1 or 2 bad tasting coils, if not more!! I read someone mention the organic cotton that Aspire uses as a possible source of the problem, but I feel like it's more or a metallic or machine oil taste. Either way, this is a manufacturer issue that needs to be resolved. With all the comments and posts regarding bad coils, I'm starting to think Aspire is: ignoring the issue, does not care, simply can't figure it out, or perhaps they do not want to address/fix the issue because it makes us customers purchase packs and packs of coils!!! I'm curious, has there been an official statement made by Aspire. And by "official statement" I mean one that acknowledges the fact that there is a problem. Not a statement, saying there is nothing wrong, or it is a priming issue, or a authenticity issue.
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  • I've been there. It's kind of like this.

  • Improper break-in WILL result in any cotton coil made by any manufacturer failing prematurely. Not only do you need to prime a new coil, you need to cut back the power you apply to it. As a coil ages you'll need to slowly increase the power applied to it to compensate for the used liquid that adheres to it. The spent liquid adhering to the coil increases the coil's diameter, and the amount of power required to get the best results from it.

    Vaping is as much an art as a science. Folks need to learn the basic techniques first, then adjust them to get the best results out of their hardware and liquid. It does't come overnight, but takes a little time and patience.
  • Just wanted to add something to my initial post. I just read the announcement post by Tina, "Some suggestions for aspire customers who want to....", The first thing "Tina" mentions is "if you want to complain a problem with our atomizer". Aspire...through "Tina" requesting details regarding security code, type of e-juice, tank, coils, etc. So I figured I'd better clarify the original post. I use an Atlantis 2 tank, but as far as "which coils, resistance, etc." I have tried them all, including the Triton coils which actually work GREAT, WHEN it's a good coil. However, it does not matter the resistance of the coil or the type of e juice, or the batter for that matter!!! @Tina if your company is serious about resolving this issue, I am quite sure it has to do with the production of the atomizers and has nothing to do with the combination of battery, tank, resistance of the coil, e-juice composition, etc. It is the production of the atomizer itself that is flawed. I noticed a post earlier about QUALITY CONTROL in Aspire's production facilities.... that is the key to determining the source of this problem. All small metal pieces including wire used for coils are created using machines that use oil to lubricate and cool while cutting or shaping the metal. I believe it is highly likely that the cotton being used for the coils is being contaminated in some manner. Either way, you as a company must acknowledge the fact that the battery, e juice, wattage used, etc, etc.. has nothing to do with this complaint. The simple fact is that, when your customers use these Aspire atomizers, there are good coils and bad coils coming out of the same pack from multiple packs of multiple resistance coils!
  • I have the same issue with the atomizers. Out of a box of five I average about three good ones.

    Some atomizers will work great for a few hours, then quit. Others will be bad taste hot burning throat gagging (you know what I mean) right from the start and never work correctly.

    On the side of the box it says "To get the best quality taste with each vape, be sure to use a new replacement atomizer within two weeks (500 puffs per day)." Yeah-- dream on suckers.

    A box of five atomizers costs $14 and should last 10 weeks ( or 70 days). I go through one box every four days. I don't keep track of number of puffs per day, but if I subtract the time I spend working and sleeping, that leaves me with about four hours of puff time per day. Is this really a cheaper alternative to cigarettes? It's been over a year now I've been overspending, maybe time to shop around.

    My current set-up: DNA Vaporshark set at 8.5W, aspire mini Nautilus tank, aspire nautilus BVC 1.8ohm.

    I would appreciate it if a representative from this company would respond, please. I believe you owe me some free merchandise, or at the very least a damn coupon.
  • Just registered to throw in my two cents. I rarely gain the enthusiasm to post on any forum, but I'll make an exception here.

    I've just started vaping in the last month here. I own both a nautilus mini and a Triton. Both tanks are the perfect replacement for my prior smoking habits. When they work.

    In over 20 coils, I have had approximately 8 that have been usable (including the ones that come with the tanks). This includes one package of five nautilus 1.8 bvc coils, one package of five Atlantis 0.5 coils, and two packages of five Triton 0.4 coils.

    The first package of Triton coils were completely useless and awful tasting right out of the blister packs. Doing research, I figured it was my fault (not priming properly, too high vg, too much power, etc.), or maybe even just a bad pack made on a Friday or something. The next 15 included everything from poking a small hole to improve wicking ability, to literally dropping the coil in a bottle of ejuice to prime as well as possible, to simply just drip into the coil and letting it soak in a full tank overnight. None of these had repeatable, predicable results. The few that did work acceptably had an approximate lifespan of 24-36 hours.

    Taking apart each type of coil head routinely revealed an internal coil with positive/negative posts seemingly soldered on to the coil midway up the length of it. While I am still learning how this all works, I cannot conceive of how this arrangement could be an acceptably functional one.

    While I can accept that I likely screwed a good chunk up from user error, the percentage of them that had what appears to be shoddy coil construction, a strong taste of machine oil, or both, is just unacceptable. Coupled with the figurative mountain of complaints and issues I have read with others having similar problems, I can only assume I am not the single problem here.

    All I know is if I keep up with aspire products, I'll be spending approximately 1.5X more than what smoking cost me. Forget health, social stigma, or whatever vaping rhetoric we want to preach. The financial cost involved in these awful, awful coils actually is making smoking look attractive again.

    Not that I'll go back. Aspire simply lost an addicted (and likely lifetime) customer. I'll be excluding your company from my future considerations, and I hope there are more reaching this opinion.
  • I bought my girlfriend a Nautilus mini 2 weeks ago - the coils lasted 2-4 days at the most.
    I've bought a pack of 5 BVC's, checked the code - I'll see how they work.
    If they don't work we'll move on from Aspire products and try someone else.
    I would have bought a Cleito this morning but I'm waiting to see how the Nautilus coils work first.
    If there are problems with them then it's hard to trust Aspire.
    Did the early Nautilus BVC coils work more consistently?
    How are people getting on with the Cleito coils?

    I wonder if the change from ceramic to cotton wicks has caused problems?

    I do hope Aspire address this issue before it's too late.
    People talk on vaping forums - there does seem to be a problem with Aspire nautilus coils at the moment.
    Other companies have had production problems with coils/atomisers and by the time they've taken them seriously, people have moved away from their products.
    It takes a lot to get customers back.
    There are vaping companies I won't go back to because of past quality problems.

    Poor and inconsistent quality will damage vaping - I'm fed up of having products which work well to begin with, then the quality of the coils drops and we're forced to switch brands
    The first company to really nail down quality control will take a huge share of the vaping market.
  • Hi. I have been vaping less than a year (since March 10, 2015). I use the eleaf istick 30w battery and have always used aspire tanks. I had no problems until December. December 5 I purchased a box of coils (5 in the pack) thinking this would last months since I generally get about 8 weeks out of a coil. Boy was I wrong! In less than 2 weeks I had gone through all of the coils. My supplier gave me 3 replacement coils, a week later, they were gone. In order to try not to lose a customer, he replaced my tank and threw in a box of coils...last Friday, I was using the last of the replacement coils. So, I purchased the Nautilus tank and today, 2 days later, I have had to start using the replacement coil that came with the tank. I am not doing anything any differently. I keep my batter set on 7 watts consistently. I do not understand why I am now burning through coils a rocket speed. My supplier cannot tell me what may be happening. I have been happy vaping until December, but I am NOT a happy vaper now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Am I just getting bad coils? What is going on? Thank you for your assistance. I greatly appreciate any suggestions. Oh, and I use the same oil! It is the Crazy Hump Crush. I don't like sweet oils and do not switch up a lot. Once I find something I like, I stick with it. I had 9 months with no problems, and December and January have been nothing but problems. It just suddenly reads "no atomizer". There is no burnt taste or anything like that. It will be working fine and boom, "no atomizer." Thanks again.
  • I Have Been Experiencing The Same Issue With The Coils For The Cleito. It's Getting Riddivolous (Infact Its Already At That Point!) The Initial Coil That I Fitted After Purchase Was Fine, Amazing Taste, Amazing Vapour! Then, When It Came To Changing The Coil; They Either Worked For A Short Whole 30Min - Half A Day, Until A Burnt Taste Started. Was Just A Hint At First, Then It Took Over All Taste.

    Out Of 12 Coils, Only 2 Have Worked Correctly. Which Is Obviously Unacceptable. I Have Talen Them ALL Apart, And On EVERY Single One; The Middle Of The Wire Had 'Burn Marks' Which Corresponded To The Burn Mark On The Cotton That Was Sittinh Against It!!!! Every One Was Primed Correctly (Resorted To Soacking Through In A Small Plastic Bag) It's Nothing To Do With The Liquid Or Anything Down To The User. By A Process Of Elimination, I Have Been Able To Conclude It Is The Coil And There Is Nithing The User Can Do To FORCE The Coil To Work. If There Are 5 Per Pack, With 4-5 Being Unusable . . . . . How Are You Supposed to Use This Product?! I Have Just Ordered 4 X Packs Of 5, Which Means I MAY Have 2-3 Working Coils!!!

    Aspire Need to Recall The Couls And Get This Fixed IMMEDIATELY!! If It Wasn't For The Fact That I WAS So Impressed With The Cleito Overall; I Would Just Write-Off Aspire, Permenantly.
  • @charlzrocks
    To Be Thorough, These Are The Checks From The Initial Pack I Purchased (From A 'Regular' Online Vape Store) Which Had 4-5 Dead Coils + The First Pack (Of Two Purchased From Amazon, Using Prime For Next Day!) Which So Far, Coil 1 - Has Been In For Around 22.5Hrs Going OK. Coil 2 - Was Dead Immediately (I Soacked It In A Small Bag Of Liquid For Half An Hour, To Ensure That Any Problem Wasn't Related To Priming/Wicking!) Low Wattage, First Puff . . . . . Burnt Taste (BAD). Took It Apart And Suprise Suprise, Burn Mark On The Cotton/Coil After Firing Like 2-3 Times For Around 2/3 Seconds Each? Coil Buring After 4-9 Seconds HAS To Be Deaign/Manufacture Flaw That Affects 70/80% Of Coils!!

    (Apologies, I Caught The 'Post Comment' Button Before I'd Finished The Comment!! HaHa)
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  • I have went through the same motions for over a year now. I maybe remember having 1 bad coil over this time? The last 4-5pks that I have bought have been piss poor. Most burn right up. Others last less than a day. To me this is clearly an issue with the coil. I prime, dry hit, and break in every coil and for some reason it just doesn't work anymore. I will most likely be parting ways with Aspire. Really is more frustrating than anything.
  • Just installed the first clapton of a pack of five. The authenticity check proved that my product is a genuine Aspire product. Things seem fine for the first fifty puffs, then a burnt flavor, that of a clone coil, then POP!!! First time I have had a coil blow like that, scared me, then I am overcome with agitation. These things aren't cheap and I have a hard time feeling wrong for expecting quality. I think I am going to have to cut my losses and be done with the Aspire brand, if you can't get a proper coil from the actual maker of the tank, throw in the towel, I guess. And before Aspire tries to tell me that I am doing something wrong with my ejuice or voltage, let it be know that I have used genuine Aspire coils with the same exact ejuice at the same wattage (40w) with no trouble before. I just wish this had happened sooner so I could have returned the leaky piece of junk tank and the self destructive coils.
  • I have a similar problem but this only really developed recently. I have had the exact same mod/battery set up and generally have stuck with the same 4-5 juices for maybe the last 1.5 years. But my Cleito coils used to last 2-3 weeks REGULARLY. but NOW and I'd say the situation came somewhat gradually (over the last 2-3 months) but VERY noticeable at this point Cleito coils all generally last about 2 days. Flavor is fine for that first 24 or 36 or 48 hours but then they suddenly crap out, taste burnt, etc. My vote is just go back to the old design/materials you were using. Cuz this is aweful. I was a happy vaper who would've been more than happy to be a life long customer and literally never change my mod or atty/coil configuration but at this rate (coil expense went from about $7/mo to now something like $110 - $135/mo) I'm going to use the coils I have left and move on and probably never try Aspire products again and advise others to do the same :/ I'm sad because the coils used to be SO GREAT. I swore by you guys... such a damn shame.
  • Hi everybody,

    Bad news. Yet another disappointment from my side. I've used coils that came Aspire cleito tank, and they both worked wonderfully for pretty long period of time (1-1.5 weeks per coil / I do smoke a lot). I had time to test out 5 of my premium juices. After I completed these coils, I bought a pack of 5 replacement coils (.4ohm) in local shop. One of those coils went alright, and other 4 were absolutely disgusting (just like everyone described it here). Preparation was done correctly, just like with original coils, but the taste is some kind of rubber or weird chemical taste just after 3-4 of very first vapes. It didn't go away even after finishing 2nd tank. Frequently, taste of juice is barely noticable (compared to original coils), highly supressed, feels like inhaling dull vapes. Checked the package on this website and it's original, also the package is from new batch (has 3 ohm options). I have contacted my local shop, of course, they told me they can't do anything about it. I mean I'd buy another pack but the tendency is it's going to be another unsuccessful attempt. I'm in disbelief right now.
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    The Cleito 0.4ohm coil I have been vaping on for around a week and was perfect from the get go, and going strong.
    I have had great luck with Triton 0.4ohm coils.
    The original Atlantis coils were hit or miss with maybe one or two coils per pack tasting bad or not firing consistent. Atlantis v2 coils were a vast improvement.
    Original Nautilus coils were about the same with one or two per pack not giving a good vape. I am looking forward to trying the Triton Mini tank and coils.
    Notice a trend here? I think that as time goes by Aspire has been doing a great job improving the quality, that being said I have noticed that breaking in a coil can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the duration that a coil remains "good".
    Here is a trick that I will share. If you are using a new coil and are getting an off or muted flavor that you just can't stand and are stubborn like me you can try and salvage it before throwing it away by blowing through the drip tip while firing the mod, instead of inhaling. Drain the tank this way taking a "test inhale" every now and then to check for improvement. Sometimes a coil just needs to have a tank or two run through it and there will be a vast difference., Sometimes you just got to bite the bullet and replace it.
  • In all the time that I have been vaping, I have only run into 1 or 2 coils that were bad (DOA) from Aspire and never had a bad tasting one! I have run into 2 juice suppliers where I thought it was the coil and it turned out to be the juice! I had bought from these suppliers before and then I got batches that tasted like soap from one and the other tasted like dirt smells. Turned out to be the juices (after trying them on my darkhorse RDA) were bad. Juice inconsistancy can be blamed part of the time. In my case I have been fortunate to not have any bad tasting coils from Aspire. They always lasted 2 weeks or longer. Although I believe that there are going to be the exceptions, I just feel that I needed to weigh in.
  • :-B
  • watkijw said:

    suddenly started tasting like dirty socks...


  • @Regina the "no atomizer" message does not necessarily mean your coil is bad. It means it is not firing because the circuit has not been completed. Make sure you clean the mod thoroughly. Juice on the firing pin can insulate it and cause this message. Also, make sure that the spring on the 510 pin is working. Push on it, and make sure it bounces back. If you still have issues, it might be the mod. The iStick is a rather low-end mod and is somewhat prone to issues.

    Also, did you check the code online to make sure the coils are authentic? It's such a recurring issue I feel like I have to ask every time there is a question.
  • @NCOMark
    Where did you purchase the coils? Did you check the code online to make sure the coils are authentic?
  • @charlzrocks
    Thanks For The Comment. Yes
  • Additional Info/Evidence -

    As You Can See From These 5 X Coil Examples (5, Seen As That's What You Acquire Per Pack) EVERY Single Coil Has Burnt The Cotton And Coil. I Can Guarantee Each And Every One, Was Primed Perfectly! When They Were Disasembled, Immediately After Trying To Activate Them; The Cotton Was 100% Saturated With Liquid, On Every Coil. I Partly Hoped That The Area Of Burn Was Dry, So at Least I Would Know The Cause!! That Wasn't The Case, So This Has To Be Down To Design. Through A Process Of Elimination And Logical Testing, I Have Eliminated Everything Bar The Way The Coil Works . . . . . .
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    image.jpeg 1.8M
  • @NCOMark
    Good information there....but I am at a loss as to what might be causing this. Maybe @Tina can check into this further?
  • @NCOMark When you changed each coil, how long did you vape on it (after priming), how many puffs did you have on it before abandoning them ?
  • @Cegoca Depends On What Happen With The Coil. If It Was One Where It Seemed OK For 10 Minutes Or Even 2Hrs, It Would Be The Average Puffs For That Time Frame. Then The Cotton Would Burn (As Shown In The Photos) And That Burnt Taste Would Present, Mild At The Start On Some Coils, Tho Each Puff Made It Worse Until It Couldn't Be Puffed On At All. Could Take 2 Puffs Until It Was Like Trying To Snoke A Dry Coil Or 20.
    In The MAJORITY Of Cases Tho, The Cotton Burnt On The First Fire (Maybe 2nd) Then Couldn't Be Used. If You Are Getting At; Maybe It Needs The Juice To Run Through Or That It Would Go Away After A While . . . . Once That Black Burn Mark Is On The Cotton, There Is No Chance Of Recovery, It's Going To Taste Burnt
  • Just asking because I always have a dozen of bad puffs (that I don't inhale) on a new (even well primed) coil.
    After that, the vape is just great.
    Are you sure you don't get the liquid drop too low in your tank ?
  • Let's get back to the basics of vaping. The liquid not only gets turned into vapour, but also serves to cool the coil and wicking material. If your power is too high, your puff is too long, or you chain vape the wicking material will dry out. Without the liquid, an organic wicking material such as cotton will char and impart a burnt taste to the vapour. If you get a burnt taste before at least three tanks of liquid you have chosen the wrong tank, coil or liquid for your vaping style. A thinner (higher PG) liquid will permeate the coil's wicking material faster, allowing longer puffs, or more puffs. Larger holes in your atomizer also will allow more liquid flow to cool your coil. Switch to the Atlantis or Triton 2 for larger holes, and more wicking material. If you still don't get the vape you want, switch to third party coils such as Vaporesso's cCel with their encapsulated ceramic coils.

    If your organic wick coils don't last, or give a burnt taste you need to dial back the power, change to a thinner liquid, take shorter puffs, or allow a longer period between puffs for that particular tank and coil combination.
  • @Old_Salt
    I Understand The Angle Of The Comment, Although That Would Only Be Relevant If An Issue Than A User Was Having, Was 'User Error'. In The Sense That It Is The Way That They Are Using The Product, Doesn't Suit It Or Their Preference Is Non-Compatible With The Product.

    In My Case: Using The Same Power, Liquid, Length Of Puff And Pause Between Them, Is Consistent. The Only Thing That Is Not Consistent Is The Way In Which The Coils Perform. For Example The Coil That I have In Currently (New As Of 48Hrs Ago) Was Primed, Fitted And Initiated Identically To EVERY Other Previously, This One Is Fine (No. 1 Of 5) Although No. 2 Of 5 Burnt Straight Away. They Aren't Burning Early On, Most Cases It's The First Fire!! (No The Wattage Isn't Too High)

    When The Coil Is A "Working One" I'm More Than Happy With The Cleito Overall, Performance, Asthetics, Vapour, Flavour etc. Infact I Looked If There Was An Alternative Just Incase, Seems There Isn't. Nearly Every Tank I've Seen Looks Like It Was Designed By A 14 Yr Old Nerd, Who Is Such A Huge Fan Of Sci-Fi, He's Never Getting Laid! I Know From Experience; A Coil That Works, Will Take Any Liquid At Any Power At Any Frequency (Even Chain Vaping). The Cleito Coil Is A Real Work-Horse, It's Just That For Some Reason Working Coils Are Intermittent!! (Surely Has To Be Manufacturing Or QC Issue) Three-Legged Work-Horses's Might Have The Intention To Work Hard . . . . . . Ain't Much Use Tho Are They?

    If It's A 'Working Coil' Like This One, Could Run The Tank Down To The Last Drop No Problem, Fill It To The Top And Crack On For X More Days. Like I Said, Working Coils Will Take Most Things. Not Yet Had A Working Coil That Failed For Any Reason At All Actually, Working Ones Last Really Well!! If I Could Figure The Deaign Issue, I'd Figure A Fix Out i.e. If It Was The Cotton, I'd Replace The Coil's Cotton With An Appropriate Alternative.
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    Firstly, As A Follow Up;

    Out Of A New Pack Of 5 - No.1 Worked Correctly, No.2 Burnt Out And No.3 Worked Correctly (Well 90%). I Use The Term "Burnt Out" With The Definition Of "A Coil That Is New, Prepared Correctly; Yet, Non-User Affected Factors, The Coul Burns The Cotton Immediately (And Can NOT Be Prevented). 4 Days Later (I Do Use At A Frequency WELL Above Average) No.1 Needed Replacing. I Used A Sharp Needle To Fill It's Sealed Carton, With Only PG (Can Taste Any Burning Easier/Sooner)

    2 Remaining Coils, Burnt Out. The First From The Next Pack, Burnt Out. They Didn't Have Burn Marks 'Like' The Previous (See Earlier Media) Taste Was Nearly Identical. Very Light And Slight Brown Discolouration. So I Did Yet Another! Which I Have Fitted Now. I Kept Going/Puffing After The First Few Fires With Burnt Taste. After The Burnt Taste; It Took Aroung 15-20 Minutes Of Puffing, Then The Liquid Flavour Was coming Through. It Seems To Be Working Ok, The Slight Burnt Taste Is Still There At The Back, It Hasn't Got Worse So Far Tho!! It Doesent Taste As A 100% Working Coil Does (I've Compared, Switching Back And Forth Between Two Cleito's). HOWEVER, This Is Not The Same Issue, The Fact That Some Coils Are Faulty And Just BURN OUT Straight Away Is Still The Reality Unfortunately!!
  • @charlzrocks @Mesmyr @Cegoca @Old_Salt

    The IMPORTANT Part:

    I Already Wrote This On The Previous Post, Although It Didn't Appear Aftet Powting And When Using "Edit" It Did Not Appear!

    Anyway, I'm Hoping For Some Advice? I Have Done Some Research, With No Success. I NEED To Source A Tank That Is As CLOSE To The Cleito As Possible!! As Close In; Vapour Production, Aesthetics, Design, Coil Ratings, Classy Design/Appearance And So On. It Was 90% Luck I Purchased My First Cleito (Silver) It Was In The Cabinet Next To The "TRITON" Which Was An Extra £1. I Usually Work On The Principle, The Greater The Price, The Better The Item Is. In Short, I Chose The Cleito Fortunately. The Guy Said The Triton Doesn't Produce Anywhere Near The Vapour That The Cleito Does. When I Have A Working Coil, The Cleito Is THE DOGS! It's Like Michelle Keegan, Hannah Tointon And Mila Kunis All Rolled Up Into A Tank!! Except With PMT For 11 Months And 21 Days Per Year (That's A Comparision To The Bad Coils, Just To Be Clear HaHa)

    I NEED A Tank Like The Triton As An Alternative, To Use When Suffering Bad Coil Days. That Is As CLOSE In Every Way To The Cleito.

    So, Thanks In Advance To The Genius Who Informs Me Of The Details Of A Tank That Is Nearly Identical To The Cleito. Hell, I Don't Even Care If It's RRP Is £100, £150, I Don't Care!! PLEASE!!
  • Signed up just to say I'm switching to a different tank because I'm sick of these coils. Most recent pack, first 4 were bad and lasted less than half an hour each. I've emailed support before and they were just like "meh whatever". Its so mysterious, I remember I had a pack where the first 3 lasted a day or two each, the 4th one lasted 3 weeks (!)then the last one lasted a week. Its nonsense.

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