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Why does the Triton 2 tank not have top airflow?
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  • Loss of the top airflow also cost the Triton 2 of the 'tank that does it all' attribute. I prefer the original Triton over the Atlantis 2 in situations where I need the top air flow. It's one of the reasons I bought so many on the used market. The other was to try and find out why they leaked. I've not had any leaks, even among the tanks sold as 'leaky' since the first one, which I write off to user error while learning to use the tank.
  • Why does the Triton 2 tank not have top airflow?

    The Triton V2 doesn't have the top airflow because that area caused leakage problems and very few people used the top airflow anyway. Thus Aspire decided to ditch it on the newer versions of the Triton.
  • @charlzrocks hey, My TRITON2 base hardware says TRITON on it?? And my friends says TRITON2 on his?? Which is correct??
  • mike2for1 said:

    @charlzrocks hey, My TRITON2 base hardware says TRITON on it?? And my friends says TRITON2 on his?? Which is correct??

    I'm not sure as mine says just Triton on it. Maybe @Tina can answer that question.
  • The base hardware for my Tritons and Triton 2 all are marked 'Triton.' My Triton 2 is from an early production run. The base for my Triton 2 is interchangeable with those on my original Tritons. I suspect Aspire changed the marking for later production runs, or that your friend has a clone. Ask your friend to check the authenticity of his Triton 2.
  • I have two Tritons v2, one base says "Triton", the other "Triton 2", but I can't recall which one was first.
    So it probably changed after a while.
  • Ok, I bought the Triton 2 around 6 months ago, great tank. Awesome flavor and big clouds. I am having problems finding the right coils. My set up right now is this tank and either a Smok 80W or Joyetech 60W battery. I have found that I like running this unit at 30-34W for best flavor and least amount of heat to the throat but still provides the throat hit I desire. I do not like the nickle or titanium coils as they do not suit me.
    I have tried the Triton 2 coils; .3 ohm 45-50W, .4 ohm 25-30W // Clapton and Atlantis .5 ohm 40-45W and a gold plated coil at .5 ohm 40-45W. --All of these coils burn out within 1-2 days. I vape around 9ml a day, 3 mg nic.
    What gets me is that the coil that came with the unit when I purchased (I believe it was the .3 ohm 45-50W) lasted nearly a week before it went bad.
    The mod I used prior to this was the Joyetech eVic VT which has a smaller coil but I still vaped around 9 ml a day and was able to get around 5 days of coil life.
    I'm not into RDAs, I have no patients for them. All of my liquids are 80/20 VG or 70/30 VG. Both of my batteries have been tested for misfires and are ready to rock. Any insight to what I could do to prolong the life of these coils or other coils that might be out there that I should look into?
  • Just found a post by Old_Salt about Aspire BVC coil specifications. Have already tried the Kanthal coils with wattages of 20-50W and the Clapton coils. All great tastes but coils burn up within 1-2 days. Yes, at times I do chain vape (old cigarette habit) but I do not allow the mod to get too hot. Also, when I fill the tank with a new coil I give the coil between 15-30 min to allow juice to soak the coil before I fire it. No dry hits here!
    Failed to mention that the current battery (Joyetech) attached is 5000mAh... whatever that means. Do not have specs for the Smok battery as it is at home and I am not.
    I have not tried the SS 316L Triton 2 coils..that I know of. Should I look into these coils?
  • I find the stainless coils are best used in TC mode with a 'Soft' ramp up to temperature. A fast ramp leads to spitting.
  • Oh dummy me.. SS = Stainless Steel? Am currently using a steel coil right now...guess I have tried the SS 316L coils. I do not use temp control, just bump the wattage. My local dealer has been bringing in different coils for me to try and this coil is one of the last they have to offer. Have not experienced any spitting from the coil, guess I don't have the heat up too high. But I have noticed the lack of flavor this particular coil gives, not my favorite. This coil was installed yesterday so we'll see how long it lasts.
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