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Hello Everyone, I've missed you!!! I have my Triton V2 and the Clapton Coils and they are great. Has anyone noticed an increase in the amount of nicotine they are getting in their juice..i.e. I use 6 mg juice and for the first time, I am having blood pressure maintenance problems. I may have to go back to my V1 and test if I have the same problems. I thought I was about to have a stroke today...BP took an entire day to go to a decent level...hit the Pegasus and Triton and it went back up. Any and all questions and suggestions are helpful.
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  • @revvic @Old_Salt @midnightwolf, Hi Everyone and thank you for the suggestions. Here is the was nicotine poisoning, I had not paid attention to how much was spilling on me and it absorbed into my skin. My tank had been leaking and I was not using proper techniques to wash off the excess after it spilled. Lesson learned.
  • @midnightwolf @watkijw , I am happy I feel better too, it was scary but I hope it serves as a cautionary tale for everyone. Meanwhile...I absoutely LOVE my Pegasus Mini!!!!
  • Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I can't comment on the newer setup as I haven't tried that yet myself - I really like the idea of the Clapton coils though and want to pick some up soon.

    Regardless of my lack of experience with that setup/juice/coil; if you think that your current gear is the cause of any problems stop using it immediately. Test the same liquid with your old setup and see if any problems persist. Also, you could consider dropping your nicotine level to 3mg for the Clapton coils and see how that goes?

    Sorry I can't be more specific and can't comment from experience, but don't continue anything that has such a significant impact on your BP IMO - change something around ASAP.

    Please let us know how you're getting on - good luck :)
  • The bigger the clouds means that more of the juice you are using is becoming a vapor. When you get more vapor, you will get more nicotine. Hence why you may be having problems. Typically with a sub-ohm set up of 0.8 Ohms or below, the recommended amount of nicotine is 3mg. Max I would do on a sub-ohm tank is 6mg. Any higher and you tend to get more nicotine delivered that will just make you feel sick. Also try a higher vg content of at least 30pg/70vg to help with throat hits and inhalation.

    As with anything, make sure to eat properly and drink plenty of water. A lot of the symptoms are describing can be attributed to dehydration. Not always but it can be. It is very easy to get dehydrated when vaping. Also, not eating properly will make it so that more nicotine is present in your blood rather than what your body really needs and it gets more accumulated in your body quicker. I have experienced both before.
  • Caffeine and nicotine have the same affect on your body, constricting the blood vessels causing an increase in your blood pressure. Limit your intake of both. @midnightwolf is right about reducing the nicotine in your liquid. Cigarettes have roughly 0.8 - 1.2 mg of nicotine each. Much of this is captured by the filter, if the cigarette has one. That can help you estimate the amount of nicotine you used while smoking. Your vaping habits will then determine the strength of liquid to use.

    I use 2mg/ml in the Proteus, and with the Clapton coil for the Triton. in the mini Triton I use 3mg/ml with the Clapton coil. I go through 2-3 ml per day with the mini, and consider that to be the equivalent of a pack of analogues.
  • @revvic I still love the looks of the Triton v1. Still no problems with any of my Tritons...
  • @Viruk , that is my plan today, change back to my V1 with SS coils, never had any issues like this. Also, with the Clapton, I can't run my Pegasus higher than 25W with 100% VG liquid, burns really bad and hits harsh. Started at 45, 40, 30, then 25 and finally got a good hit. Meanwhile, it's been almost 24 hours and BP has hit around normal but now I am scared to use anything, my Pegasus Mini is arriving tomorrow...wish me luck.
  • Personally Ive not had any problems of this kind, i'm vaping standard 70-30 18mg on a clapton in a Triton 1 at 40w getting through around 3-4ml of juice a day and also drink copious amounts of coffee so defo no dehydration issues here but everyone is different.
  • Wow @milmil0428 I hope you are ok. It sure is easy to forget how nicotine absorbs into your skin. I hate wearing nitrile gloves, but put them on every time I mix a new batch of nic base. That 100 mg concentrate could really knock you for a loop... ;)
  • @milmil0428 I have herd of it happening. Sorry to hear. Hopefully you are feeling better
  • great news @milmil0428 - glad you worked it out and have a solution :)
  • @Viruk @midnightwolf @watkijw, I have my Pegasus Mini now with the Clapton Coil in it...what is the max wattage you are able to get from it? 13- 14W seems to be the norm for me. I guess the range is 13- 16 Watts?
  • 13 - 16W is the suggested range
    Currently I'm at 13.5W with a 30PG/70VG. Higher VG% liquids can take higher power. With a new Clapton and liquid, I start at about 11W and ramp up until I get the best results for me. Set the power to the level where you enjoy the taste.
  • I also have mine set at 13.5 watts and love the taste!
  • Mine is still shipping. Hopefully I will have it soon.
  • I was at 13w then went up to 13.5w, after 24 hours of vapeing on the new Triton mini I find it gets a little hot and tastes a little singed not burned as I'm more a straight to lung hooligan, I think I might have to try and modify the next Clapton I put in (drill the wicking holes out a little) to help that juice flow to the coil faster as those claptons have a larger surface area, vaporizing juice quicker. At the moment I've put my trusty Trident 1with .5 clapton on the Pegasus mini set at 40w, it vapes like a dream and looks good too
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  • I am a bit of a rebel, and am running mine at 20W with a 90% VG blend. This is my daily vape, and I'm still using the stock coil with no burned taste. :D
  • I've never had a problem of any kind with any Aspire products, I learned a lesson yesterday though, luckily before I had a tank full of juice. When going to fill my new Triton mini for the first time the top (not the drip tip section, the filling assembly) it was a little stiff so I tried turning it one way then the other, the 'other' being anti clockwise, ta'dah it all came apart in my hand, there not many threads keeping that little beauty together, so I've learned clockwise, clockwise, clockwise when it comes to filling ..
  • @revvic I hold the upper hardware assembly and some of the glass with one hand. I then push the 'connector for Triton drip tip' into the tank gently and turn it counter-clockwise until it seats, then clockwise to seal the tank. That's worked for all fillings of the Triton 2, and it's mini version to date.

    PS: @Tina Why call it the 'connector for Triton drip tip?' 'Fill chamber cover' or 'fill chamber cap' are much more intuitive, and accurate.
  • I found that little fiddly with the mini that it happened with, the glass was spinning as well, no problems with the regular sized Triton 1 but I will adapt the same policy with both now and the Triton 2 when I get one. Next purchase will be either the Triton 2 or Cleito, I will have them both in time but am trying to save a few pennies along the way to do my direct access motorcycle licence at the moment
  • Problem was not the filling tip, it was the bit that you turn that has the drip and vapour symbols on it .
  • @milmil0428 glad you are feeling better today
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