Odyssey Mini Review

Hi guys, I just received my Odyssey Mini kit yesterday, and I have to say I am impressed. As a mostly Mouth To Lung vaper (call me a tootle puffer if you will), this setup is amazing. I have to admit I had a sinking feeling when I first opened the shipping box, as there was hardly any weight to this package! I took out this small box thinking this must be wrong, but it did say Odyssey Mini Kit, so I opened it up. As always, the packaging is fantastic.


This mod weighs almost nothing, and hardly seems like it would hold a 18650 battery. But, the battery cap popped off easily (held on by a magnet!) and the battery slid right in. I moved the negative terminal arm over the magnet, and the mod came alive. Amazingly, this tiny beast has all the functionality of a full size Pegasus, although limited to 50 Watts instead of 70. If you own a Pegasus, you know how cool the display is, and this mini version has the same chipset and display. Instead of a wheel, it has two buttons which should seem familiar to anyone who has been vaping for a while. The buttons are high quality, and have a good "click" to them. I have been using several iStick 30W mods for years, and the Pegasus mini is just slightly bigger and weighs about the same. But the functionality does not compare! Along with a 50W capacity, the mini also features Temperature Control. The awesome display also has a stealth mode, easily activated with 3 quick clicks of the firing button.


The tank is really well made, but tiny with a 2ml capacity. This is not made for your subohm vaping, as it would dry up in a couple hours, but is enough to last a day for me. It really seems like not just a smaller version of the Triton v2, but a simpler one. The drip tip assembly turns easily, in contrast to the Triton v2, and also does not sport the heat fins that have been tough on everyone's fingers. There are fewer individual parts, and I think it is an easier setup on the whole. As you can see, I opted for the black finish. This is a really high quality finish, and not just a tank that has been painted. It otherwise functions just like the Triton v2, with top fill and a bottom AFC.

This kit is very nice, and promises to be my go-to mod any time I leave the house. But the real stars of the show here are the new coils! The tank was fitted with the new Clapton 1.8 Ohm, and this thing is my new favorite! The flavor is unbelievable. Also available are the TC Nickel coil, and the new 1.2 Ohm Kanthal. I think it is really great that Aspire developed new coils that fit not only the Triton Mini, but the old Nautilus tanks. I still have four nautilus tanks myself, and am finding new love for them with these new coils!

It is still early, but I am not finding anything negative about this kit. Again, it is not meant for the cloud chaser, but for such a tiny thing it really does have nice airflow and can make some nice little clouds with all the coil options available. Nice job Aspire!!
2448 x 3264 - 2M
2448 x 3264 - 2M
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