My Aspire Triton V1 + Aspire RTA System review

Hello people from the internet!

I have (for about 2 weeks) Aspire Triton V1 + Aspire RTA System and I love them both.
This is the best flavor I ever tasted on a clearomizer / vaping device.

Flavor is also more intense. Compared to ce5/k1 , Triton v1 delivers more flavor from the same e liquid.

So I have 3 coils at the moment Aspire RTA System, 0.4 ohm coil (stainless steel) and 1.8 ohm coil (Kanthal).

Aspire RTA System is the best coil for me. I build it at 0.5 ohm using 24ga Kanthal A1, 0.5 mm diameter.
I keep airflow 100% open on bottom, 100% closed on top. Flavor is amazing. I use it at 25 - 32 watt. I can chain vape this beauty for 1 hour and no dry hits!
I like the design. Basically the two ends of the cotton are draining fresh juice directly from the tank every time I vape.
There is no "deposited" e juice inside the coil. so the taste / flavor is great each time. The cotton is sitting somehow in the air, so up and down is air, I believe this is why flavor is amazing. I build it as it is supposed to be, NOT in bvc mode. Aspire, if you read this: please keep this design idea if you are going to create and RTA for Triton V2.

0.4 ohm coil spits hot juice in my mouth and vape is too hot. Not a coil for me.

1.8 ohm coil. Good flavor and mouth to lung vape. Downside it's not suitable for chain vape. It needs after 1-2 draws to sit and drain juice 30 seconds - 3 minutes.

Leaking. Does Triton V1 leaks e juice? Only if I hold it in horizontal position or upside down. Or sometimes after I put juice in it. After I clean it with a napkin, I keep it in vertical position, on the mod and I have zero leaking. I have verified the code on website, so I don't think it's a clone issue. Anyway, this is not a big deal for me, when I keep it in vertical position, it's perfect.

What Aspire could do better? Include a manual or a mini cd with video tutorials inside the package. I have found all the info I needed on the aspire website and youtube, but it wasn't that easy. Almost all video reviewers on youtube are building the RTA coil wrong :)
They try to fill a 3.5 mm diameter coil with a 2mm diameter cotton, because they try to fill the coil using the holes that are meant for juice flow :)

Make sure there is no cotton outside the coil. The cotton is supposed to cover the inner side of the holes.

Probably I should include some photos for the last part, maybe later I will have time to make a tutorial.
Here is the official video manual / best tutorial for rta coil:

Have fun guys!
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