Triton RTA Build

Well I have been doing some more research on the RTA, read so many horror stories, people slating the RTA etc

I have made some horrid builds on it (Horizontal) No Joy whats so ever,
After reading something that @watkijw said that he had done a virtical build, I thought why not give it a shot,
being a good frame of mind at the time, (Always helps )
I layed out my kit, 26awg Kanthal, Triton RTA sections, cut a good amount of kanthal off. Got the srewdriver but that came with the RTA, 8 evenly spaced wrapps and the end i judged how much excess there would be and bend it over and pinched it with my pliers for better connection,
build it all togther, stuck in the housing and placed it on the ohm meter came out at approx 1.24. saturated the cotton, letf it to sit for about 5 minutes. stuck it back in the tank
refilled the tank with some homebrew strawberry custard i was using at the time, 70vg/30pg 6% nicotine
I have now been using this build for 3 days now, running between 20-22watts with ample amount of vape for the mid range ohm build
NO Burnt hits or anything untowards, So Happy Days

If you have the Triton RTA, and successfully build good builds from it, PLEASE would you be so kind to share results and the build that you did, what Juice you used etc..

In Personal opinion I find that the Triton RTA is more suited to Virtical builds, Please share your'e thoughts
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  • @"Vapers and Flavors"

    I use the method from the video manual and it's perfect for me

    I use 24ga Kanthal A1, 0.5 mm diameter.

    Just make sure there is no cotton outside the coil. The cotton is supposed to cover the inner side of the holes.

    I do 25-32 watt and no dry hit, no burn, Best flavour :)

    I should write my review on triton soon...
  • I gotta agree with @Vapers and Flavors that the RTA is better suited to vertical builds. I tried em both and while the horizontal build was acceptable, there was more airflow and better taste with the vertical IMO. But to each their own!
  • @paulk1 Tried a number of Horizontal builds with no joy, always got hotspots with no matter how much the cotton was saturated,
    I strongly think in my honest opinion that the RTA is more suited to the virtical build,
    only possible advantage i can see with the horizontal build is that you maybe able to replace the cotton, but by the time you have pulled the cotton out. You also may have pulled the coil out its place anyhow, so you would have to rebuild the coil anyhow, so I carnt see any advantage at all with the horizontal or vertical,

    But as @charlzrocks said each to their own, if you are happy with the horizontal build, fair play as we say in the UK ,,
    just Vertical is much more my game play
  • @"Vapers and Flavors"
    I don't know what to say, but it's interesting. I find new things about my new hobby.

    I forgot to say that I don't use the 3.5 mm screwdriver that comes in the aspire rta system. I use my own 3 mm screwdriver - the black one attached.
    The 3.5 mm included makes coils a bit too big, risking wraps to touch the metal and make short circuit. I use the 3 mm because it's a bit smaller and risk is lower. I just center it inside the RTA (I put the cotton before I fix it inside rta)

    To avoid the hotspots, I reduce the number of wraps. I play a few minutes with a second screwdriver, inserting / twisting between the evil wraps, while it's on the black screwdriver, until I get evenly spaced. And then I put a lot of cotton, to keep the coil in one place.

    I see you use 26ga. I must mention that when I tried the 28ga I didn't liked the taste. Now I use 24ga.

    I attached a few photos because I don't know what else to say. It's first time when I build coils, so I'm still testing things.

    I don't know what went wrong with my vertical build. I was getting less air flow and dry hits. Probably the cotton was blocking some of the air? Who knows... I will try again in a few months this vertical thingy. Now I already have build 10 coils and keep them in a box. This is really weekend hobby, I don't have patience to wrap during week... lol
    3648 x 2736 - 823K
    3648 x 2736 - 936K
    DSCF2674.jpg 822.9K
    DSCF2677.jpg 935.5K
  • When you get it down to where you like it you can make, or have a form machined so you can make perfect coils every time.
  • Hey @"Vapers and Flavors" how are things going with the rta builds? :D

    Finally I got time and bit more experience to do a vertical working coil on the rta.

    26ga ~6 wraps came out 0.56 ohm

    So now I think I agree with you guys... I like it more vertical coils. I feel the vaping more smooth and cooler... can't better describe the feeling for now.

    The flavor is great. Can't compare it yet with the horizontal because I also changed the flavor on the vertical coil.

    I can only build coils for lung inhale, they give good flavor 1-2 days on current juice.

    For me the most tricky part is to get the right amount of cotton on vertical coil. Don't care too much about spacing even the wraps.

    I plan to do some vertical coil for mouth to lung using 28 ga. I think only once I did a good Mouth to lung coil... I stuffed more cotton than needed... to block partially the airflow. But started to taste funny after a day.
  • Yeah I definitely had better luck with vertical coils in the RTA. A lot of my issues stemmed from my horizontal builds shorting out in the limited space of this RTA.

    @paulk1 I haven't had much luck making a good MTL coil in the RTA. Honestly, I mostly stick with the 1.8 Ohm prebuilt coils. Sometimes I throw in a .5 Ohm Clapton when I'm feeling squirrelly... I have made some interesting vertical builds with twisted or Clapton wire, but have mostly lost interest in this RTA. I have other tanks and drippers that are more fun to build on when it fits my mood.
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