Triton 2 is perfect except for one thing...

Poor design of the top piece, aka the top fill screw. See the attached pic.

It shreds my fingers whenever I unscrew the top to fill it. Do I need a special wrench or something? The heat sink fins are pointless anyway, if I want a cooler hit I'll turn the wattage or temperature down. I feel like the only thing the fins do is cause vapor condensation inside the tip. This was a lot worse on my original Triton (which has a different heat sink fin design), but it's still present in the Triton 2.

Please make a tip section with no heat sink fins; either a solid, smooth cylinder, or one with a shallow texture for grip (something like the Crown Uwell has). A larger circumference for better grip wouldn't hurt, either. As much as I'd like to have seen this in the original design, I would be willing to pay separately for it just because the rest of the tank performs so well. As much as I prefer Aspire coils, until this issue is remedied, I'll probably go back to using my Crown tank.

Also, obligatory gripe over the small 3.0mL capacity. Kudos on the many improvements, though!
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  • I'm not sure now Neil's experience is relevant, or if it is correct. The top fill screw threads directly into the piece which rotates to close the fill holes, therefore rotating (closing) the top fill should have no bearing on the tightness of this screw. The entire assembly rotates as a whole, and the steps may be done in either order.

    As far as not over-tightening the screw, I agree, obviously, however this is an unnecessarily delicate balance. It must be tight enough to make a leak-proof seal, and not loosen under vibration or temperature changes, but also not so tight as to over-tighten itself in these circumstances.

    It's not a good design.
  • @watkijw Interesting, but upon close inspection of my Triton 2, the recesses appear to be of different sizes, which would indicate different gasket sizes, in addition to the issue you mentioned, the reduced quality of seal with the chimney. I'm not willing to accept potential leaks to work around a design flaw. Still loving my Uwell Crown, thought; Triton 2 is sitting on the shelf.
  • Great tank and you can use the Vaporesso Ccell coils in it. My only complaint is the 3ml capacity. If they would come out with a Triton 2 XL with say 5-6ml capacity, I don't think I would ever change.
    The top fill assembly could use a little reworking but the current design just takes some getting used to. As stated above the stainless steel threads can be a royal pain. If the design would use some type of simple twist and lock with the o-ring as the seal, it would be ideal.
  • @MasterVaper
    Very well founded criticism indeed! You are not the only one (that's not to mention the fill and vape indicators that are too small to see). Hopefully these problems will be adressed in future tanks. I know I'd like to see an easier to use top fill on the Triton too!
  • @MasterVaper thank you for your kind feedback,I will pass your suggestion to our products development department. ;)
  • Yep, currently loving my Crown. Finished the juice in my Triton 2 and switched over. Then I bought a pack of Crown coils. You just lost a sale...

    If only I could put Aspire coils (I do prefer them) in my Crown...
  • Hello,Neil,
    Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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  • I'm having the same issue, after only a few uses the cap will not screw down flush and I now have to use a pair of pliers to get it off. Really annoying design flaw for a tank costing this much.
  • Got no problems with mine !! I'm a pipefitter and I'll tell you all right now that stainless steel treads are a pain !!
  • @Sabrwulf sincerely thank you for your kind suggestion.
    I will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department.
    Hope your suggestion will be took into account in our next new product ;;)
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