CF Sub Ohm Battery Not Working?

I have a CF Sub Ohm that has been in storage for a few months. I just connected it to the charger and the charger light flickered red briefly before returning to green, which I thought meant it was already charged. However the battery light never came on, and the unit isn't turning on. I'm not sure if the battery is dead or if I'm doing something wrong. Any advice would be appreciated!!
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  • I took it to a shop and it turned out to be dead. I ended up taking home a Pegasus mod and I love it! Very comfortable to hold and easy to use. There was a sticker on the box saying I can get a free Aspire 18650 battery, any idea how to claim it?
  • @nixzero
    Remember that these batteries have a 5 click on/off feature. Did you try to click the button 5 times to turn it on? You might want to try another charger as well.
  • Yeah, I'm aware of the 5-click power feature. The light on the battery has never lit up, whether trying to use it or plugged in to the charger. I'll see if I can find another charger to test, thanks!
  • @nixzero
    Cool....let us know what happens!
  • Cool...glad you got something that you like! I have never heard of any promotion for free Aspire batterys. You may want to ask @Tina about that.
  • Wow, i have never heard about a free battery either. @nixzero I hope you check the code online just to be sure your mod is authentic. Does the sticker have a redemption code or anything?
  • I did the check to make sure my mod was authentic, it's a bonafide Aspire product! Works great, i couldn't be happier with it. The sticker didn't have a code or anything, I found a stock photo online where you can see it:

    I think it might be something you have to do with the vendor, but it looks official, not like something the shop would have stuck on.
  • I think the original Pegasus included an Aspire 40A battery at the time of it's release. Your Pegasus may date back to that time. Batteries may have been shipped separately to dealers through the distribution chain, and may not have been included, despite the sticker on the box.
  • Ah, gotcha. Makes sense. Actually, while I'm here, I was having trouble finding data on the new vs the old version. From what I can tell, the only differences in the newer one is that it has a larger firing button and has temp control, correct?
  • No. both versions have the same firing button and TC.
    The V1 has an automatic coil type selection, the V2 has a menu that will pop up automatically.
  • Ah, ok. I actually stumbled across a thread about the coil selection and the advantages the V2 has. I'm just doing sub-ohm vaping right now, so I'm largely unaffected by the new features.
  • The sub ohm will go nicely on any Pegasus indeed :)
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