0.15 Ohm SS Coils for TC

The 0.3 Ohm coils for the Triton do good for Temp Control but I would like to be able to purchase a 0.15 Ohm SS Triton coil. It would be better for temp control and give better results
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    @midnightwolf What are you looking for from the coil? Do you want high wattage for big clouds, or a mouth to lung coil? Both are possible by varying the wire gauge, and the length of wire used to make the coil. Something else to remember is as the resistance goes down, so does the degree of control you'll have over the temperature. Using a longer length of larger diameter wire can give you a 0.3Ω coil that uses more power, yielding bigger clouds at a given temperature. It would need to fit in the coil body of course.
  • I've read the same thing as @Old_Salt states above on the Evolv forums regarding higher resistance being better for more accurate temperature control on SS. I haven't tried it out myself yet though.

    @midnightwolf what makes you think the resistance being lower would be better? (note - I'm not for a second saying your wrong, I'm just curious about the rationale as I don't know the answer for sure myself!)

    One thing I am (a little) more certain of is that the ratio of other metals in different stainless steel can vary quite a bit - affecting any temperature curve information.

    I'm currently interested in coils where the manufacturer provides a TCR curve csv (like this http://www.sweetspotvapors.com/category_s/1856.htm for their titanium wire) - I'd really like to see Aspire do this for their coils :)

    @Tina said she was going to check about this in this thread https://forums.aspirecig.com/discussion/27367/ss-316l-coils-in-tc-mode#latest
  • Viruk said:

    One thing I am (a little) more certain of is that the ratio of other metals in different stainless steel can vary quite a bit - affecting any temperature curve information.

    It can, but each type of stainless steel (304, 316, 316L, etc) has a certain tolerance for its formulation. The difference between batches of the same type should be minimal. Stainless steel is not a material commonly used for its resistance characteristics, so manufactures using it in this manner will need to determine them..
  • Well the thing is with the X Cube 2, it tends to run initially at 65W when you first press the fire button no matter what you have it set to. This has not been too problematic with the .3 ohm coils but it would be more in range with the device with a .15 Ohm coil
  • @Old_Salt thanks for that clarification about the types of SS having a certain tolerance for formulation. With regard to your point about manufacturers needing to determine them - I'm hoping this will become more common with coils as well as wires - hence my request :)

    @midnightwolf I see your logic, but your point is more related to a 65W initial power from the mod rather than the lower resistance giving better TC function?
    How have the 0.3ohm coils been working out for you on the X Cube 2? What value did you use for the temperature coefficient? Was that one of the purchased extras? Is it possible to set that value without buying the "unlock" for that material?

    The other thing I'm not clear on yet is how much of a curve there is for the temperature coefficient of Stainless Steel. I believe that the setting on X Cube 2 is a linear approximation based on a single value (correct me if I'm wrong), whereas a DNA 200 has more of a curve (or more accurately, a certain number of points representing a curve).
  • @Viruk It's going to be needed for any material used for TC. It also cannot accurately be determined with the small amount of material in an atomizer. It would be an interesting experiment :)
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