** EFest 2500 18650 Dangerous **

I thought I bring this to your Attention

I had this Efest 18650 2500maH Battery, for some unknown reason it got very warm while it was in a protective plastic box, which was in my pocket. Nothing else was in with it. My trouser pocket and my leg started to get Very WARM started to smell awfull. I quickly got it out of my pocket opened the back door and threw it out into the back garden, out of the way incase it exploded while i had the kids in the house at the same time. Lucky enough it was raining LOL.. To Cool it down enough to allow me to take these pictures

If I didnt get it in time, the outcome could have been servere. I shall be contacting Efest and lodging a complaint about this matter that is for sure, But I thought I would share with you all the pictures

Efest Battery

The lining of my Trouser leg pocket..

Aspire Admin Please Feel Free to use this as a Battery Saftey Artical

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  • I would take the battery apart and see if it is a genuine battery.


  • How would i tell if its genuine or not.
    Lithium batteries or any batteries are anything i wish to mess about with such as dissmanteling it..saftey procaution
  • When you take them apart you normally find a "hidden" battery inside the battery. Or it should have a sticker of authenticity on it. Did yours have a sticker?
  • No sticker to what im aware of, but i did get it with the pegasus when i brought it, so lucky enough it wasnt inside when it happened other wise i would have VERY UPSET.
  • These efest batteries are cheap, and not an Aspire product in any way. They do get re-wrapped quite often by less reputable vendors.

    @"Vapers and Flavors" I just hope you didn't get injured by this venting battery. Good thinking throwing it outside!
  • Only injury was a little heat blister on my fingure,lol i deal with lipo batteries alot with my other hobby being RC ROCK CRAWLERS..Which take either 2 or 3cell lipos which are just as dangerious.. so yeah i was very lucky i didnt get injured any further. Im guttered it happened but on the other im not to fussed. Just makes me lean more towards in getting genuine aspire batteries
  • We are glad that you are ok!
    sorry to see the scorched britches
  • @watkijw

    You wouldnt happen to know who the culprit manufacture would be, as they are going to get a very short stren letter regarding this matter,
  • This is actually a re-wrapped LG ICR18650HE2 cell. They are normally safe unless fake.
    And this can always happen, to any battery, none are 100% safe even if they are 99.99%.
    I have 5 of those cells since more than a year, no problems (for the moment).
  • @Cegoca The worst part about it all, it was one of my best batteries :-(
    Oh well come saturday I popping over to my local Vaping shop and purchasing some genuine Aspire 18650 Batteries, as they have sale on and I will get 10% off, So I will get a about 3 or 4 to be on the safe side, As I have the odyssey mini coming soon and i really want to use the genuine batteries for that baby, aswell as my main baby the Big Odyssey.. that is my every day MOD i am using..
  • Wow that's definitely no good glad your ok.
  • Ya Efest normally uses B grade batterys that are rewrapped. As said that battery is a rewrapped LG HE2. I have used a few of them in the past and they can be great but sometimes you get a bad one.
  • @midnightwolf
    Seems like i must had a bad one, but saying that it came with the odyssey kit when i brought it off ebay, which also came with two green ones which i are samsung 25r. But i have now treated myself to 3 genuine Aspire 2500 ones. To which are purly for the pegasus, and the odyssey mini as to when i use it. As for the other ones use them in the stand by kanger nano which i use with my dripper when i want to upset the wife, by filling the room with clouds of smoke
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