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Im new to TC and I was wondering if triton caries premade TC coils? If so do they use nickel? Regardless, What are the pros and cons of different types of TC coil metal... Nickel, Titanium, stainless steel?
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  • Yes, Aspire has pre-made TC coils. The Ni200 coils for the Triton 2, and Triton mini work in TC mode with the Pegasus and Pegasus mini. The 316L stainless steel coils for the Triton 2 can be used in wattage control mode with the Pegasus, or temperature control mode with MODs that offer it for stainless steel. Titanium coils (not currently offered by Aspire) can also be used for TC on both the Pegasus and Pegasus mini.

    There are concerns that the poisonous compounds created when Ni200 or titanium coils are overheated may be inhaled. Personally, I only use the SS 316L coils for TC.
  • Old Salt has pretty much hit it spot on B-)
  • Old Salt has pretty much hit it spot on B-)

    I concur! :-B
  • @Old_Salt has it right. Specifically, both metals react with oxygen at very high temperatures and create mildly carcinogenic compounds - namely Nickel Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. This only happens if the metal is heated to glowing a bright orange, and if this is done a visible white powder will appear. TC mode keeps the coils from overheating, so it is not a danger if properly used.
  • I'm very interested in TC on Stainless Steel - especially as the Triton 0.3/0.4 ohm coils are SS. I don't believe many mods can do this yet, but it is possible with the right data.

    @"Diamond Dave" what mod are you using for this?
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