Aspire Nautilus witch battery?

Aspire Nautilus witch battery?
Meby Aspire CF VV Battery?
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  • The CF VV sounds like a good choice
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    If you have the Nautilus, and need a battery immediately, the CF VV+ will work for you. You will also need the charger and adapter. Your total cost from Aspire on-line would be $46.00. The premium kit, which includes the Nautilus mini, CF VV+, charger, adapter, and five replacement coils was my introduction to Aspire products, and cost $78.00. This would give you a spare tank, and five replacement coils for an extra $32.00.

    Also consider the Odyssey mini kit. Aspire started to ship this kit last week, and reviews are starting to show up. The Pegasus mini MOD that is part of the kit is much more flexible than the CF VV+. It features both wattage and temperature control modes. You will need to buy a battery for it. The Stainless Steel version is only $2.00 more than the Premium Kit. I think you'd be much happier with the Odyssey mini kit after a week or two of use.
  • The CF VV battery is great for the Nautilus Mini, but I would upgrade to a VW mod for the full size Nautilus to get the most bang for your buck. Like @Old_Salt said, the Odyssey Mini kit would be a great fot for that. If you want to go cheap, almost any VW mod will do. My first mod for that tank was an iStick 30W, and it still works great. Definitely not as cool as the Pegasus mini, but it works. :)
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