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I have the CF VVplus could someone please tell me when should I change my coil. Do I wait for it to stop working or should I notice a drop in performance?
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  • @scotsmanq welcome to the forum! What tank and coil are you using? Nautilus mini? What juice ratio?

    Everyone's experience differs a bit, but generally you will notice a drop in performance - clouds get smaller and taste changes. You can probably expect a coil to last through a 15 ml bottle of juice, as a rule of thumb. Many coils will last through 30 ml. Sweeter juices tend to gunk up the coil a bit faster, and there are other variables. Let us know what specific questions you have! :)

  • @scotsmanq
    Between the point where the coil has a drop in performance and when it actually stops working can be a Long period of time (depending on the juice you are using, heat settings and vaping habits). However as previously stated, the vapor amount and flavor intensity will drop considerably when it comes time to replace it. You can use your best judgement...first make sure that your battery is fully charged and if the flavor and the vapor still drop off, time to change the coil. :-B
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