Leaking into mouth

Hello, this is my first time posting here, and I'm fairly new to vaping. I have a aspire Atlantis with the .5 ohm that it came with. I'm using 80/ pg/vg. And it's on an eleaf Istick tc60 60 watt, set to 30 watts. It has recently started leaking into my mouth after about a week of regular vaping. I have never changed the coil before but I do have another. The taste smell and overall vapor has not changed but it has just started leaking throught a swivel drip I bought seperatley. Does this mean I need to change the coil, or could there be another problem?
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  • @Heyimjay321 You mean a drip tip like this one ?

    This kind of drip tip favorizes condensation in its round part.
    For the Atlantis, I would stay with a large drip tip as the original one, special for direct lung inhale.
  • @Heyimjay321 First off, welcome to the Aspire Forum! Although you are vaping at the high end of the coil wattage wise, it shouldn't produce that much extraneous juice and would only get to the drip tip if you are pulling waaay too hard. It could be that the new drip tip you have is causing the vapor to condense and collect in the "ball" or "swivel" part of the device, especially if it is a metal tip. First try to change to another drip tip and if that doesn't work, then change the coil. I highly recommend the new Triton .5ohm clapton coils, they produce excellent vapor and the taste is extrordinary! Let us know what happens! :)]
  • Yeah, I bought one of these with my very first Nautilus. Used it about a month, then threw it away because of the mess.

    Listen to @Cegoca and go back to the original. ;)
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