Nautilus - Burnt Taste even after ordering NEW coils

So, I couldn't "easily" find anything, but I have an iStick Eleaf with the Aspire Nautilus (both purchased through Mt Baker Vapor) and recently I have been getting a burnt taste from the hits. The Coil that came with the tank (not the replacement) worked fine for 2-3 weeks, then I replaced it with the extra that came with it. As soon as I went to hit it, I got a burnt fiber taste and after some googling, I figured it was just a bad coil. Of course I ordered 5pk replacements from same company and made sure they were the right ones. Just got those today and the first one I put in has the same taste even after I pulled a few times to try and "clear the tank". I assume this isn't the coils at this point. Any help would be appreciated, as I haven't vaped in almost a wee know (at 18mg) and I'm about to just go get a pack of cigs T.T

Thanks - Troy
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  • What Wattage do you use and what istick model do you have ?
    Are you 100% sure the coils are gehuine ?
    Have you cleaned the bottom of the base well ?
    Did you put some liqui in the coil and let the mounted tank stand for a few minutes ?
  • @Cegoca Only on 20w on a 50w mod, trying to kick it up to 30w in the near future. Yes, Mt Baker Vapor has been good to me over the last year, I have no reason to suspect them of using clones. I cleaned the entire tank as per the "cleaning" instructions on here in the forums (did this after the "first" coil went bad while I was waiting for the replacements). Finally, yes, I always let new coils and liquid refills sit and soak for at least 30 minutes before continuing.

    Now to be fair, the taste has died down as of recent use, but I can still taste it a lil bit, so maybe it'll work itself out over time, I'm thinking that one was just bad cotton and kinda left the taste lingering. :(
  • I put some coils in advance to soak in neutral VG/PG, so when I need one I can almost immediately use it.
  • @"Troy Patton" which coils are you using? And what is the VG/PG of your juice?

    I have no doubt your coils from Mt Baker are genuine, but you can check the code if you wish on the Aspire website.
  • Sorry guys, been working, took me a few days to respond. So good news is the taste had completely died out so I assume it was just the one bad coil.

    As for now I think we are good to go, I appreciate all the help and sorry for the major meltdown haha, not getting my nicotine makes me angry. :D
  • Must....have....nicotine...... ~X(
  • Glad you got it sorted out. :)
  • I can be 100% certain that these were bad coils. I've had this problem repeatedly with the nautilus 1.6 coils. Most times its the entire 5 pack that is bad.

    I know this because I buy ~100 coils at a time, and can swap different coils, brand new, guaranteed to be authentic, which are supposed to be the same... certain ones, brand new have that off, somewhat burnt, stale and headache inducing would be a better description.

    I wasted around 10 coils to be sure of this, used different mods and different wattage/volts to be sure. I needed to be 100% sure there wasn't a difference.

    Final nail in the coffin was when I opened up one from a 5 pack that had previously had ones that tasted off, and one from a pack that seemed normal. Both were primed identically, the nautilus filed with juice and let to sit for 2 hours. This was done on my two MVP 3s side by side, with the same 50PG/50VG high quality juice.

    It should be said that these two 5 packs were purchased at the same time, are identical looking, and both 100% authentic.

    After waiting the two hours, I tested the two identical set ups (at 11W on the MVP 3s), and sure enough the one that had other off tasting coils in the pack tasted completely different.

    It's not so much a burnt taste, it's more a stale / putrid kind of taste. This was on two identical rigs, with identical set ups, same wattage, same juice, same everything.

    This happened before about a year ago as well, at the time I put it down to what you are describing as the many different variables that could cause a burnt coil. So this time I wasted $30 in coils to be 100% sure it was the coils themselves that were bad.

    My conclusion is that some batches of Nautilus coils are bad. I am completely certain of this. There are posts all over the Internet reporting similar issues, and aspire keeps saying it's user error. Which is why I felt compelled to test and post this.

    It's unfortunate as the nautilus is my every day vape... and I spend a good amount of money on these coils.
  • Hi guys - I am in the same position. I just primed a new 1.6 BVC coil and put it into my nautilus, let it sit for a few hours and when I vaped I got a horrible chemical / burnt taste. I tried it a few times just in case it needed primed as it is a new coil but the same acrid taste and now I have a splitting headache.

    I had the same experience a few weeks back with the Nautilus mini, it was with a coil supplied with the tank, I binned it and tried a new coil and the mini is working great.

    I have read other posts on other forums of users experiencing the same issue and will bin the coil and try again. I note that Aspire say the problem is to do with the high vg content of the liquid but I think that is nonsense as I was using the same juice (70vg/30pg) with my previous coils and got about a months use from it.
  • @AndyMan Aspire recommends firing the 1.6Ω coil for the Nautilus at 3.3 - 4.2Volts or 5 - 7 watts. I'm not sure if you had old stock with the ceramic wicks in your previous coil. The new coils have organic cotton coils and seem to be more sensitive to being overpowered.
  • @Old_Salt - I purchased these coils a few months back and they are genuine Aspire coils. I never vape any higher than 8watts.
  • Well, I hope the new coils coming end of month will solve your problem.
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