Confused about this discovery....

So I went to physical shop A in Calgary, Canada and purchased the Odyssey Kit. I loved it and didn't have any problems with it.
But few weeks later I accidentally dropped the device and thankfully only the tank broke with minimal wear on the battery cover.

So I go to shop B in Calgary, and purchased the new Triton 2 tank (yay!), along with a pack of the new 0.5 Clapton coils.
Triton 2 tank purchased from shop B worked great with the 'supposedly' 0.5 ohm Clapton coil pre-installed but my Pegasus would read the resistance as 0.40 ~0.43 ohms and when vaping at 47 watts I would begin to get a slightly burned taste.

Checked the code on the pack of coils that I purchased from shop B -> code doesn't exist.
Checked the code on the Odyssey kit that I purchased from shop A -> product is an original.
Checked the code on the Triton 2 tank that I purchased from shop B -> product is an original.

So with this information I can only assume that:
1. The pack of coils are definitely fake as they didn't pass the security test.
2. The code on the Triton 2 tank was a very lucky coincidence (pre-installed coil is not 0.5 ohms as advertised)

Can a moderator privately message or e-mail me so that I can verify with you if the two shops use authorized suppliers? Thanks.
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  • Very true @charlzrocks the resistance rating listed on coils are simply an estimate, and all coils will vary to some degree. This is perfectly normal, and you can expect to make some small adjustments every time you change coils.

    Everyone should check their scratch codes before opening a package, as a rule. I know I get lazy when I get supplies from a trusted source, but the difference in the quality of clones vs original is astounding. I know for sure I would check every time I ordered from a new source, at the minimum. Return anything that doesn't check out on the site, because you can just assume you will have trouble with it.

    @aupetitmatin I don't know if Aspire can check the validity of a specific B&M, since they deal with larger distributors around the world. There is no telling which distributor this shop gets their supplies from. However, I would definitely return the coils and let them know they are fakes. Any decent shop should return your money for this issue, and find a new distributor.
  • @aupetitmatin If the coils didn't pass the scratch off test, YES, they are indeed fake coils. There is a scratch off bar on the back of the coil box (5 coils per box). If you bought them out of the box there is no way to tell if they are fakes or not.
    The Triton clapton .5ohm coil is rated at 40-45 watts per the Aspire website. I use mine at 40 watts but only for a few seconds, it gets too hot for me. I recommend stepping down to 40 watts.
    You can just post the shop names here and address it to @Tina and she will check to see if they are authorized dealers and post it here. If they are Authorized dealers or not, everyone here should be made aware of the fact anyway. The coil ohms do vary slightly from what they are labeled I have found.
  • I would also agree with that.
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