Atlantis v2 coils burnt taste

I have genuine atlantis v2 coils I bought to replace my original one that come in the tank that worked fine. But ive tried 3 of these so far primed and left to sit for an hour before use and all 3 times have tasted like burnt metal and rubber and was awful. It made me feel sick and the fact its a lung hit type tank its hard to not get a lung full of it. Can anyone advise me anything.

Its not a priming issue I feel its a fault in aspires manufacturing of these coils. Its not the juice either and im using the cf sub battery. The coils are 0.5 ohm.
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  • @ben93 I use the exact same setup and I don't mean to belittle the problem, but there are MANY fake coils out there where they don't clean off the machine oil and you get the result you are getting. Did you check the scratch off code on the coil box? I would return them to the retailer as defective (or fakes if that is the case). When I first got my Atlantis and CF Subohm I got them from a local vape shop and they were Authentic as I checked the scratch off on the packaging. I know exactly the taste you are talking about....I tried some Aspire coils from Fasttech that they labeled "Genuine" Aspire coils . They weren't, they sucked. This is not to say that the coils aren't authentic and you got a bad can happen.
  • I checked them out theyre real ones. I got them from uk e cig store. Its bad to think im on my third and it still tastes bad if the whole box it bad im going to be looking at getting something new and binning the whole lot. Wont be able to trust aspire again.
  • Ive tried cleaning them in hot water too with no joy still so its definetely a problem. If not i dont see it being tge battery its 2 weeks old.
  • You are right, the battery should have nothing to do with the taste of the coils being that bad! I first suggest returning them to the retailer where you got them for a refund. I can suggest trying the new .5ohm Aspire Triton clapton coils that will fit the Atlantis. If you are not sure, find a shop that will sell you just one to try it out.
  • Are they safe on the atlantis v2 ? I may give them a go but im not convinced after this. Going to clean out tge whe tank again tomorrow let dry and try tge last coil if same i may try them ones youbsaid
  • @ben93 Yes, the .5ohm Triton clapton coil will work fine on your Atlantis and CF Subohm battery. I have some on order for my 2 Atlantis tanks. They work fantastic on the Triton V2 and they are compatible with the Atlantis tank as well.
  • But they still could come out bad. I dont think I want to risk it.
  • I emailed aspire and theyre trying to tell me its my fault pretty much and i should try a 50/50 liquid done that still tastes burnt on yet another new primed coil. I swear they must copy and paste the same responses.
  • I tried to vape and get past tge taste but now ive got a headache and its madee lightheaded. Probably some machine residues/poison. No offee of any replacements ive bought some more that will be here tomorrow and hope theyre better.
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