Getting supper heated vapor from new coils

I'm curious if anyone has has thus problem. I just bought 2 brand new aspire 1.8 coils and within 2 days of use both have started to produce supper hot vapor. I've had this problem before, it's always hit or miss. Sometimes I get a coil that works great for about a week before I get tired of the taste from it getting juice logged, and other times like this time I get ones that don't last at all without burning the cap out of my throat!

I have a nautilus mini tank and vape with an eleaf 30w istick battery usually at about 11-12 watts depending on how the coil does. I've been told that there could be an issue with the threads or base of the coil not contacting properly which could be causing the hot vapor. There has to be some other explanation that fixes the issue instead of throwing money at new coils 2+ times a week?!

Any new insight on this problem would be helpful.
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  • The Eleaf you have has been known to have problems with its circuits not reading stuff properly or not working properly. It is especially true in the 50W versions. Have you tried your tank on any other devices?
  • I use the 1.8 Ohm Nautilus coils on my Istick 30W almost daily, at 18-20 Watts. I wonder if maybe you are getting spitback because the juice isn't vaporizing completely? Or maybe a strong throat hit from high nic juice? I would try to rule those out as well.
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