Triton v2 and updated Pegasus

I just received my new Triton v2 tank and Pegasus mod. Although I love the Aspire batteries, I thought I would try this mod with a Sony VCT4 to see how it performs. I think the video review by @charlzrocks covered pretty much everything, so I will just give some opinions here.
I have to say, I really love everything that was updated on the Pegasus. The mod looks the same, which is a good thing in my opinion. It is sleek and sexy, and feels solid and durable. The finish is amazing on this thing, although it is a bit slippery. All the same functions are available, but now we can pick and choose our modes. Most of all, the 30W auto-fire is a thing of the past! Honestly, this has never been an issue for me anyway, and I have used the 1.8 Ohm coils almost exclusively without ever burning one out. BUT, I know it has been an issue for some users and it is nice that this potential issue has been fixed. I have not a single negative thing to say about this mod. The VCT4 battery seems to work just fine, although I have yet to really push the boundary of its Wattage potential.

I am fairly impressed with the workmanship of the Triton v2. This is really a completely different tank than the v1. At first glance, I was expecting another Subtank Mini, but this is so much more. The workmanship on every piece is flawless, and everything fits together like a glove. Not enough can be said for the quality of the threads on a tank that will be disassembled hundreds of times. I LOVE the fact that it can be easily taken apart for cleaning. The screw-on top cap obviously forms a tight seal to prevent leaks, and again the threads are top-notch. You have to apply some pressure to push it past the O-rings to screw it on, but there was no hint of cross-threading for me. The bottom AFC seems a bit stiffer than the original, and I see this as a positive. My v1 bottom AFC sometimes turns in my pocket. I also love the fact that it comes with a replacement glass tube!

The top fill on this tank is one of the main features, and I have mixed feelings about it. I do like the fact that the fill holes have been enlarged, and it is now easier to fill. I don't like how stiff the fill/vape mechanism is. It is hard to turn, and does not click into place like the v1. However, the holes that allow the liquid to access the coils have also been enlarged, and you can see that all four wicks are getting nice access to the liquid now. I can only guess this will help prevent dry hits.

The Clapton coil is amazing. This is some of the best flavor I have ever encountered, aside from Claptons I have made for RDAs. I may tear this coil apart after I am done vaping on it to get a good look at the coil. From the outside it looked like a solid piece of wire, but it sure tastes like a true Clapton.

All said, I am very happy with the updates. The mod was 100% improved, and I am enjoying the various functions. The tank is different, and I think there is still a place for the v1 alongside the v2. The v2 is great for changing flavors, but the v1 is easier to use and refill, and has a place for my favorite flavor.

Thank you Aspire for listening to your fans and updating your products. This may be the wrong place for this, but I still agree with the sentiment that you should make an official announcement concerning those who want to trade in their original Pegasus mod. I wouldn't expect that you would actually trade them all in, as that would be a huge loss. But many customers are looking for an answer to this question, and an official "No" is better than not knowing.

Thanks for listening. Keep calm and vape on... :)>-
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  • Great information thanks watkijw! :D
  • Just an update here, I took a (rather out of focus) picture of the Clapton coil.
    As you can see, the top turn or two looks like bare kanthal, but the lower turns are definitely Clapton. Very hard to see with the naked eye, but interesting. Most of your vapor production will be in the middle of the coil, and we can see why the production and flavor is so good with these coils. I can't wait to get some 1.8 Ohm Claptons for my Nautilus tanks! :D
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  • I think the top and bottom turns are a different metal, that is a better conductor. Every Aspire coil I've pulled apart shows the heating effects only around a few turns of the coil.
  • I have noticed that also from the ones I have pulled apart.
  • Old_Salt said:

    I think the top and bottom turns are a different metal, that is a better conductor. Every Aspire coil I've pulled apart shows the heating effects only around a few turns of the coil.

    Interesting thought, but I would think it would be quite difficult to have a coil comprised of more than one metal along such a short wire. A good coil should heat from the inside out, and I think that is the effect we are seeing...
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