Aspire Proteus causing strong throat taste/coughing

I have received 5 Aspire Proteus mods to sell from a authorized reseller in china.

I have kept one myself to test and use....when trying to vape from a glass hookah i'm finding i'm getting a strong taste of my e liquid in my mouth after a few drags and barely no smoke too the more you smoke it.

First 2 pulls are fine and produce nice smoke production and nice taste.....then after that i get the symptoms i mentioned above. i've tried changing liquids to higher vg and lower vg, even changing the coil and the same keeps happening making it literally unusable.

Any ideas why this is happening? i am quite new to this sort of stuff.
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    Hi @oli307 and welcome to the forum.

    I noticed the same thing. It's due to the vapour partly condensing between puffs.

    Here's part of the text for my review for the Proteus:

    (To be released soon)

    Unlike the smoke from shisha, the vapour produced by the Proteus is mainly water. This will condense rapidly in your hookah. You will not get the most out of your Proteus unless you tune your hookah to minimize condensation. Before starting it is a good idea fo find out what the Proteus is truly capable of. Hold the Proteus in your hand and connect your hookah’s hose directly to the base, then inhale. You should get puff after puff of a dense, flavourful vape. The goal while tuning your hookah is to get as close to this as possible. Some of the things you can do to tune your hookah, from those with the most effect to the least are:

    • reduce the air space in your vase
    • reduce the length of your down stem
    • use hot water in your vase
    • use a hookah with a shorter stem
    • use shorter hookah hoses
    The vase is where most of the condensation takes place. This is especially noticeable between puffs. Use a vase with a longer neck, and fill the vase to at least the bottom of its neck with water. This reduces the surface area of the vase where the condensation takes place.

    The water in the vase is used to cool the hot smoke produced by shisha and charcoal. Reduce the length of your downstem so that it descends only 5mm into the water. This will keep the bubbling sound of a typical hookah with only minor cooling of the vapour. If after trying the items below you are still unable to get a satisfactory vape, reduce the length of you downstem to 5mm above your water level. I suggest pouring out some of the water to try this first so the downstem is not cut unnecessarily. You can even remove the downstem entirely, but will lose the smoke in the vase hookah effect.

    Using hot water in your vase reduces the cooling effect it has on the vapour. This will also warm the vase and slow down the condensation. Warm your vase slowly so the heat does not crack it.

    A long stem provides more cooling surface for the vapour than a short stem. This will affect those that like to take long, slow puffs or short shallow puffs much more than those drawing deep puffs at the maximum possible rate.

    The hookah hose has the least effect on the vapour as it does not conduct heat very well. The use of a shorter hose is recommended over the longest hoses available.
  • thanks for your advice, the hot water alone did the trick, thanks so much mate :)
  • @Old_Salt is now our resident E-Hookah Guru! ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
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    :-B =))
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