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Recieved my Triton 2 and love it kit came with .5 clapton and 1.8 coil I love the clapton smooth intense flavor vaping 6mg max jungle love and has never tasted better only used the clapton and now hooked. Loving the air flow on bottom glad no longer a airflow on top to me it was pointless a great mouth to lung hit at half open for me...the design is great only con i have is the top fill design I wish they kept that the original way of just pull out instead of unscrewing its time consuming and very hard to do but will suffer through because all in all the tank is amazing
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  • Glad you're digging the V2 Becca! :D I myself am hooked on the Clapton coils as well! \m/
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    ...the design is great only con i have is the top fill design I wish they kept that the original way of just pull out instead of unscrewing...

    I wish they had kept the top design of the original as well. It was more elegant than the new flat-top design. I liked the top AFC, as it helped cool down the vape at higher power levels.. Now it's back to the Atlantis 2, or use a third party drip-tip with an AFC for high power.

  • Any leak issues yet? Sounds like it rocks! \m/
  • I haven't heard of any. The main complaint is as @BeccaKurtich mentioned, is a harder to remove fill chamber cover.
  • No leaks Joel360 which is a plus
  • Sounds like the new top design is meant to prevent leaks. Guess I can't argue that, since that was the majority of complaints re: Triton v1.

    My tank should be arriving this afternoon. Can't wait to check it out! :D
  • I've got 2 of these version 2's, and that drip top/tip system is seriously flawed. One of mine wouldn't sit flush after refilling, using my hands only. Now both, after 10 minutes won't budge trying to remove them. My thumbs are raw. I see others hankerchiefs or pliers. Pliers, seriously? If Aspire expected to use pliers, I'm sure they would have been included.

    As far as I'm concerned, these tanks are a dud till that's re-engineered. Fantastic tank otherwise, really loving those clapton coils.
  • @big_vape I thought that you had this problem solved when you took it back to the store as in this thread:
    If it keeps happening, I can only surmise that you are cross threading the screw-in top?
  • @charlzrocks This is an update to my initial, and now continuing problems with these 2 tanks. Once you destroy your thumbs and finally get them unscrewed, very carefully they will go back on flush and completely. Really, cross threading using my bare fingers, yet they eventually go back in flush and completely. If you look at this forum, as well as other forums on line, I guess there are many idiots that are all cross threading, or using pliers as suggested by someone on this site. It's a large design flaw, these tanks are a dud till that's re-engineered.
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    @big_vape Please go to the other thread for an eventual solution and do not double threads anymore ...
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