New Triton 2 question about threading

Hello All,
I’m new (and first post) to the forum, so hope you could give me some info regarding the new Triton 2 before I purchase.
First a little background, Been vaping on and off since 2008, started with the classic DSE 901 and moved through the ranks to finally discover the Aspire range.
For me its all about Mouth to Lung & 1.8 coils, I have plenty K1’s (cracking little things) and then the Triton, of which had teething problems, now cured. I also bought the Atlantis V2, best purchase ever, just love it with the Triton 1.8 coils installed.
You all know that the Atlantis V2 coil screws into the base, then uses the threads on the coil to screw into the centre of the tank which pulls the Glass down to make it seal against the base,
However –
The Triton Tank is slightly different, again, the coil screws into the base, but the outside threads of the base screw into the main housing to complete the seal, with the top end of the coil and chimney only sealed by a rubber O-ring (not threaded, like the Atlantis V2 and an additional o-ring)
So here is my question, - Is the new Triton 2 using the same method as the Atlantis V2 or the original Triton, regarding its method of use of utilizing the top threading of the coil ?
Hope that makes Sense.

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  • I cut, grinded, & buffed, down a tip of some cheapo ego style and attached to Atlantis, secured by rubber sleeve, fitted by the help of a pair of Hellerman pliers, works a treat.
    I have both tanks fitted on a pair of old Itaste VTR’s, rings cut, grinded, buffed & polished, plus both tanks also grinded, buffed & polished to fit.
    Now have my perfect match 
  • The inside of the chimney is not threaded for the Triton 2. There is a coil to chimney seal inside the chimney itself.
  • Thanks for the quick reply, Think I’ll stay with the Atlantis V2 then, as IMO the single o-ring of the Triton is slightly susceptible to what I would call “weepage “ and giving that slight gurgling sound on a long draw as if pulling juice past this ring when all other channels are clean and dry. I just thought of the “Belt and Braces” theory where threading plus o-ring would be better design.
    Ah well ! - Still may consider a new purchase Thanks again.
  • The 510 drip tip adapter makes a nice addition to the Atlantis V2.
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