New user, need help w/ TC and wattage

Hey everyone,

I'm new to the world of vaping and have quite a few questions. The guy at my local vape store sold me some pretty high-tech stuff without much of an explanation so I'm lost. My setup is this:

Sigeli 75W temp control box mod (I use it on TC mode, not wattage)
Aspire Triton 2 tank
Aspire 0.15 ohm Ni200 coils
Imren 3.7V rechargeable battery (3000 MAH)
Dr. Fog e-liquid (says max VG, I use 6 mg)

My issue is I can't find a setting that gives me a decent throat hit, flavour, and vapor without seemingly burning my oil up. The reading I've done so far has said people had good results around 400 - 420 F and around 40 W, but when I tried within these ranges my oil turned a dark colour at the bottom of the tank and shortly after came the metal taste. I don't want to be destroying my coils and burning and oil and inhaling carcinogens in an effort to quit smoking because well it's expensive and unhealthy.

So here's my question: based on my setup, what is an ideal range for temperature AND wattage for a good throat hit, flavour, and cloud that won't eat up all my oil?
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    I think you should perhaps switch to a non TC coil if you have some, just to experiment till you master your vape and your mod using VW. It will be easier.
    After that, you will be able to discover the TC using your experience.

    What do you think ?

    P.S. shame about that guy that sold you your setup without any explanation, he didn't do his work. Try going back there for some live explanation.
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    I agree with @Cegoca about using wattage mode before moving to temperature control.

    First sort out your flavour issue, then address throat hit.

    The amount of vapour, and the flavour is dependent on the power, and coil used. I strongly suggest using the 1.8Ω coil that came with your Triton to find out how your liquid should taste. Always ensure you prime your coils properly. Failure to do so will burn the cotton wick, ruining your coil. Start at 10 watts, and go up in 1/2 watt increments until you get the best taste. High VG liquids don't wick as fast as low VG liquids, so wait at least 10 seconds between power levels. Stop if you get a burnt taste, and turn the power down. Don't go over 16 watts, as you're very likely to get a burnt taste from burnt cotton, ruining the coil. Once you have the taste, you can move to a higher powered coil. Try the Clapton coil that came with your Triton. Once again start at the lowest power recommended for the coil, 40 watts, and work up to a maximum of about 50 watts. I think you'll be amazed with the flavour you get, and clouds generated. They won't be competition grade, but they're up there.

    Throat hit comes from the nicotine and ethanol content of your liquid. At 40W, I wouldn't go over 12mg/ml nicotine. You can slowly add some Everclear, a few drops at a time to your liquid. I suggest putting about 5ml of your liquid into a clean pill vial so your whole bottle of liquid is not contaminated if you don't like the result. You should be able to get an oral syringe at a pharmacy to move the liquid from your vial to the Triton 2.
  • Oil ... oil ...oil ... please, e-liquid is not oil !

    Try at 480 °F and 40 W, this should already do it.
    And increase the temperature a bit only if needed.
  • @Cegoca I'm sorry, I said I'm new. I will never call oil again.

    So making it hotter will keep it from burning? I feel like I've been researching for a week and still have little idea what I'm doing.
  • Thank you both for the information. I wouldn't exactly say he didn't tell me anything at the store, but when I asked what settings I should have it at he basically said to play around because it's all subjective.

    Now let's say I don't have any other coils than the 0.15 ohm ni200 and no money for a week. Should I keep it around 40W and 480F and see how it goes? I'm just scared of burning the crap out of it again.

    Thanks for the patience, I tried to do my research before posting on the forum but it seems the equipment I have is rather new on the market so there's limited support I could find.
  • Okay, VG boils, or turns to vapour at 290°C (that's 554°F). I vape at 295°C - 310°C, (that's 563°F - 590°F).

    I use the 0.4Ω Stainless Steel coil in an original Triton fired by a Smok X-Cube 2 set to temp / soft / TC-SS / SC / default temperature coefficient of 0.00150.

    For Ni200 coils the default temperature coefficient is 0.00600.

    Make sure you have the proper coil material chosen, and are using the correct temperature coefficient on your Sigelei.
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    All very good comments. @classie if you are new to vaping and just quitting smoking, I would suggest a higher nicotine juice. @Old_Salt had very good advice about starting with the 1.8 Ohm coil. This is much more like smoking a cigarette, and you will get a good mouth to lung (MTL) hit with that coil. It also will use much less juice, hence the need for higher nic. I like 12 mg on the 1.8 Ohm coils personally.

    If you find that you like the direct to lung (DTL) hits better, get some .4 or .5 Ohm coils and use the 6 mg nic juice. You will get bigger clouds and will not need as much nic.

    After you get used to vaping, you may want to switch back to TC. But whatever you do, DO NOT use TC coils in direct Wattage mode. Nickel and Titanium give off carcinogens when they are super-heated. This is not an issue at vaping temperature, but you need to be mindful of this.

    Good luck with everything, and let us know if you have more questions! :)
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