Triton replacement atomizers blowing?

Hi all.
I recently purchased a Pegasus mod and triton tank set. Worked well for two weeks until today. I've purchased a 5 pack of replacement 1.8 atomizers but they blow immediately. One even made a loud popping sound as I had the thing to my mouth. Wattage is set to 13 as suggested. I've no idea what is going on. Any advice?
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    Do you use .15ohm coils occasionally?

    I noticed that when going from temp control mode to wattage mode it burn my coils. Some have reported switching issues, having to fire a .15 coil again and then a 1.8 coil to force the mod to switch from tc mode.

    Mod might be malfunctioning and causing a short in the coil. Perhaps fire at 1 watt for 4 seconds see if this helps. Its should not produce much sound or vapor at this setting.

    Also priming is important... Drip juice into the middle of the coil to saturate the wick, install into tank, fill and let stand for like 5min, some primer puffs before you start vaping.
  • Thanks for the advice Polar. I took the 1.8 from the packaging of the second Triton tank and it's working fine. Maybe I got a bad batch of atomizers in the 4-pack I purchased? I'll order more and see how it goes.
  • @Kenwood Did you get the 5 pack of 1.8ohm heads from a retailer or from the Aspire online store? The reason I ask is that there are many fake replacement heads that will do exactly what yours are doing. The retailer may have fake heads, then again there could be a bad batch of heads as well. Did you check the scratch off on the replacement head box? What was the result?
  • I'm pretty sure the online retailer I got them from is legit but who knows. I can't see where
    on the aspire website I would check the code.
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    Here's where to check on the home page. It's also on most if not all pages on that part of the website.
    Code Check.JPG
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  • @Kenwood the scratch off is on the back of the atomizer box by the barcode. When you check the scratch off authentication it should read as in the photo below (the X's being the numbers you input) If it says that the code has already been checked more than one time, then you have purchased a fake. I have seen where a person checks the code and the code has been checked over 500 times. Meaning that the fake maker is using the same one number on all it's fake goods.
    scratch code.JPG
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  • The code came up good. Maybe just a bad batch.
  • @Kenwood It's possible that you received sub-standard coils. Talk to the people you bought them from. Take the failed coils, and the remainder of the pack with you if the retailer was a local shop. They may replace them for you.
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