I'm new to vaping so I'm a little confused

so I got the aspire sub ohm battery and it stops hitting after a few seconds but it's charged so I was wondering if that was normal
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  • I ment aspire cf sub ohm battery
  • @fallenlost117 Have you read the instruction sheet that came with the battery? Is the button lighting up blue or orange while you are hitting it? Is the battery Genuine Aspire? Fakes have been causing so much trouble lately.
    When you check the scratch off authentication it should read as in the photo below (the X's being the numbers you input) If it says that the code has already been checked more than one time, then you have purchased a fake. I have seen where a person checks the code and the code has been checked over 500 times. Meaning that the fake maker is using the same one number on all it's fake goods.
    scratch code.JPG
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  • It says it's original and it blinks blue after hitting it for a few seconds
  • Try this one for known fake Nautilus Minis: 0290243403368683
    I got one from an on-line vendor - my bad.
  • So any clue what's going on with mine?
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    @fallenlost117 I don't know for certain as I don't have one of these batteries.

    After about 10 seconds my CF VV+ batteries automatically time out, and the blue light flashes three times. If this is what your CF SubΩ is doing, then it's probably normal.
  • Okay thank you so much.
  • @fallenlost117 I have taken this from the Aspire website regarding the Aspire CF SubOhm Battery:
    If heating coils are short-circuited while vaping, the LED lights (both colors) blink 3 times,
    and the battery will default to “sleep mode.”
    When battery cell voltage is less than 3.2V (low battery), the atomizer will remain OFF,
    and the Orange LED light will blink 15 times.
    ....also from my own experience if you hold down the button for more than 10 seconds, the battery will stop firing and the button will blink 10 times . It's overdischarge protection. Your problem is one of these?
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