nautilus bvc coils fake?

hi all,i have recently purchased a pack of these coils marked at 1.8ohms and a voltage range of 3.3 -6.0. i have used one and in less than 24hrs the coil has burnt out,it was also very tight on the draw,i checked the security number and this number has been checked over 3000 times.please tell me more about this.thanks
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  • @johnt Unfortunately you have purchased fake coils.
    When you check the scratch off authentication it should read as in the photo below (the X's being the numbers you input) If it says that the code has already been checked more than one time, then you have purchased a fake. I have seen where a person checks the code and the code has been checked over 500 times. Meaning that the fake maker is using the same one number on all it's fake goods.
    scratch code.JPG
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