Nautilus Mini - I have to change the atomizer DAILY. Is that normal? What could the problem be?

I have to change my atomizer daily because it starts tasting burnt and burns my throat a little bit. I do take many large puffs per day. But on the atomizer box it reads, "Change the atomizer about every two weeks, about 500 puffs/day". I don't believe I go much above that. Please advise on what the issue could be. Every person at each store I go to gives me a different reason why this is happening. I'm fed up, so I thought I'd ask the experts instead of the wanna be's. Please help!
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  • Yes, a MOD is another name for a battery. The Eleaf iStick 50W is a good one to start with. I'd wait a couple of weeks before buying a new tank. Take a look at what's available, visit the forums, and find out what kind of problems they have. I have six of the original Triton tanks. like them, others hate them and can't get them to stop leaking. The four I bought used were cleaned and had new coils installed. One needed a new o-ring. They now all work well without leaking for me. While you look around, continue to use the Nautilus Mini. They are a good tank. It's the only one my wife uses. She takes about 100 puffs per day, and the 1.8Ω coils last her about three weeks. The PG/VG ratio of her tobacco flavoured liquid is 80/20. She fires her coils at 15W.

    The 1.6Ω coils for Aspire's Nautilus series are rated at 7-11w.
    The 1.8Ω coils for Aspire's Nautilus series are rated at 10-13w.

    Most folks in here report using the 1.8Ω at 12-16w without problems. This is where I use mine as well. At higher power levels the coils don't last very long, and quite often burn the cotton as they don't wick up the juice quickly enough. This is especially noticed while chain vaping high VG liquids. You should be able to find the PG (propylene glycol) to VG (vegetable glycerine) ratio on your liquid's bottle. You should use liquids that are 60% or more PG in the Nautilus. If your liquid is sweet like an ice cream or pastry flavour, it will build up a coat on the wires of your coils. Coils don't last as long with those flavours.

    Shops give new vapers low power settings so they don't get into trouble right away. Different liquids work best at their own power level. Experiment a little, but stay below 16W with the 1.8Ω or 14W with the 1.6Ω coils. Firing the 1.8Ω coil at 9.5W could be causing the coils to fail prematurely with your liquid. I'm sorry I don't have an absolute answer for you. It's very much a try it world. Before you try, check the forums to see if someone else has already done it. Learn from their mistakes. Ask questions. The only stupid question is the one some is afraid to ask.
  • Also worth a mention is to fill your tank before it goes below the .5ml mark so theres always juice in it.
  • Are you certain the tank and coils are authentic. Please check the security code. Which coils are you using? What MOD are you using? What is it set at? What liquid are you using, and what's its PG/VG ratio? All of these can affect the life of your coil.
  • Yes. because no matter what shop I buy them at, I'm still having to change it out every day. What's a MOD? If it's the battery, mine is an Eleaf iStick 50W. It's set at 9.5 W, which is what I was told by one of the salespeople. Another one told me it should be much lower. So that's confusing. I don't know what the PG/VG ratio is. How do I find that out. One of my friend thinks it's just because I'm using it constantly and taking very large puffs. But still, one per day seem like too much. Do you think I need a different tank than a Nautilus Mini because of how often I vape? Thanks so much for your comments.
  • Many have reported a breakin period of about a day or 2ml before the taste goes away. I found when I installed my mini on a Pegasus mod it seemed to burn the coil. Think the connector somehow shorts and this left it tasting harsh. I replaced my first coil after about 2 weeks of constant use. When installing a new coil I saturate by dripping about 5 drops of liquid onto the wick, then fit, fill and let sit for 5 minutes then some puffs without pushing the fire button and then only do I start vaping. Room temp is also important as this will effect the viscosity of the juice.

    If the above fails either
    your specific e liquid might have a taste you don't appreciate.
    your juice is to thick ie. high VG,
    you have a malfunctioning part tank base or mod.
  • @Old_Salt has some very good advice for you. Personally, I exceed the recommended wattage and go up to 20 Watts with good results. My coils still last about 3 weeks. But it does depend on you juice, and I usually start around 16 and work my way up. If your wattage is too low, the juice will boil instead of vaporizing properly. You don't have much to lose, if you are changing them every day right now...
  • I would go for the new coils that have just come out for the Odyssey mini kit and are compatible with the Nautilus :)
  • @Cegoca Too bad we have to wait until the end of November...
  • Time flies you know ;)
    When my ordered kit will arrive, I wonder which of the coils I will try first ... the kanthal 1,2, the Clapton 1,8 or the 0,15 Ni200 ?
  • I am REALLY excited to try the Clapton 1.8 since the Kanthal 1.8 is already my favorite coil!
  • I sooo appreciate all of your comments. I will try them all. I am desperate as I am spending as much money on these as I used to on cigarettes. Do you think it would do any good to contact the company who makes them? Every local store I go to (Dallas) gives me a different reason for what's happening. It's so frustrating.
  • @Mestyanek I would recommend you find one shop that you trust to sell authentic gear and stick with them. If you want to order online, I trust these sites:

    Either one will deliver to you in about two days, and I have always gotten genuine gear from them. My experience is that I love the 1.8 Ohm coils, and had some issues with the 1.6 Ohm coils. See if this helps at all. If you have better luck, you may want to upgrade to a full size Nautilus, as it has a 5ml capacity. Or, I would also recomment the Triton v2 tank. You can see reviews on this forum, and I think it is a lovely tank. It also uses a different size coil, but 1.8 Ohm is available if you like the Mouth-To-Lung vaping.

    Good luck to you! :)
  • This is so frustrating! I have gotten so much different advice. I am currently going through coils every 2 days. My vape habits have not changed and I am using authentic 1.8 coils. It seems like every so often I get a bad batch or something.
    Question: if my istick reading says 2.0, does that mean that my coil is no good? It tastes burnt so I would think so but after reading the comments here I thought I'd play with the wattage a bit before scrapping it. I was advised to vape with this coil at about 9w but some are saying this is too low.
  • @hazure it is perfectly normal for the resistance reading to be a bit off. Actually, most of my 1.8 coils actually read in the 1.9 to 2.0 range. There is probably nothing wrong with your coil, as long as you are buying authentic.

    I would say 9W is probably too low for a high vg liquid. 9W might be right for a 50/50 liquid, but VG vaporizes at a higher temp than PG. I use 90-100% VG and typically vape a 1.8 at 19-20W. This doesn't work for everyone, but it is my sweet spot, and my coils are lasting for weeks. My advice to you is to experiment and find your own sweet spot. But your coils should definitely be lasting longer than a couple days, so something must be wrong...

    Good luck with it! :)>-
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