Appropriate settings for Triton with Ni200 0.15ohm coils

Just got a Sigelei 150w TC mod that I matched with my Triton tank, and got the Ni200 coils to with the TC function. I tried several settings, and right now Im at 525F and 65 joules and Im barely getting any smoke. I was getting more bang for my buck with a regular 50w Eleaf mod.
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  • I think that your temp is too low for high VG liquids. The boiling point of VG is 290°C or 554°F. The boiling point of PG is 180°C or 356°F.
  • Been running mine around 480 to 500 at 50 joules juice is 90vg 10pg.
  • I'm running SS 0.4Ω coil in my Triton V1, max PG liquid with my X-Cube II set to TC-SS, default coefficient, SC, and 285°C.

    If the temperature coefficient is off, the temperature will also be off. Some MODs may also have a resistance offset that you can set to compensate for coil to base to 510 connection resistance. Some coils have portions made of very low resistance bracketing the heater element. These resistances will also affect the firing temperature if compensation is not added.

    TC may be more precise than VW, but there's a lot more variables involved to get an accurate temperature reading from your MOD. Most folks don'r bother, and set the temperature without any compensation or coefficient adjustment to get a vape that's satisfactory for them.

    Uh-oh! I just used both accuracy and precision in the same sentence. I may have opened a can of worms here.
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