Problems with Pegasus micro usb and warranty

I purchased the Odyssey kit a little over a month ago, and the insert that holds the micro sub in place fell out, so in order to use the internal charger, I have to hold the cable. I took it to the store where I bought it and they said that I have to go to Aspire to get it replaced and after days of correspondence with an Aspire rep, they said that I have to go through the store. The paperwork and website clearly states that the product has a 90 day warranty, that covers faulty workmanship. This was the third Aspire product that I have bought and feel that they should honor their warranty. So, I am now stuck with a device that I paid upwards of $100 for that does not work right. The following picture is the only way that I could figure out how to fix it.
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  • I hear this same story way too often, not only regarding Aspire products but those of other manufacturers as well. Aspire's warranty policy is that the retailer must exchange defective products, and they will replace them through their distribution chain. Some retailers carry the products, but refuse to honour the warranty. I recommend asking the retailer what their return and warranty policies are before dealing with them. At least you will know in advance what to expect if you have problems.

    In your case, I would contact Aspire's regional repair facility. Perhaps they will repair your Pegasus free for you. You may have to pay shipping. You would be without the MOD while it is being repaired. You would have a spare should your current solution fail.
  • I agree with salt the other thing are they an aspire dealer they should cover it under the warranty.
  • @moondawg73 I am just a bit confused that your pic shows a Sigelei mod? Is this your backup?
  • @watkijw No, he replaced his Pegasus with the Sigelei.
  • So, what's the point of posting that picture ?
  • @Cegoca to show he voted against Aspire with his wallet.
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